Troubleshooting the Print and Scale Server

Updated 6 months ago by Kevin

The most common issues are:

  • Labels print in the wrong orientation or are off-center and cut off. Zebra printers sometimes require the orientation and label size to be set using the Zebra Setup Utilities software or the Zebra drivers (e.g. add a custom "Stock" and make it the default). For more detailed instructions, refer to Zebra Printer Margin Troubleshooting.
  • Background services cannot display GUI popups, so in general try to use the Windows drivers if you can and avoid the vendor's bloatware drivers (for example Epson printers pop up an ink level reminder - this is not supported by the background process).
  • Some systems seem to allow printing as the LocalService user and some don't so if printing is broken try changing the service to run as the admin user.
  • Changing the Print and Scale Services' User to a specific Windows' User

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