The Dashboard

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The Dashboard menu item will take the user to a page that allows the user to see order and shipment data specific to each merchant and warehouse. The Merchant can be changed by clicking the select menu next to Choose Merchant and clicking a merchant in the list. To change the warehouse, click the title of the warehouse in the center of the page header to select another.

Data Available

The default data available on the dashboard is as follows:

Orders By Status

Snapshot of all current orders and their status

Graph of orders once enough data has been made available

Shipments By Status

Snapshot of all current shipments and their status (Picking, Picked, Packing)

Graph of shipments once enough data has been made available

Remaining Same Day Orders

Snapshot of all current Same Day Orders and their status (New, Processing, Total)

Pending Orders

Number of pending orders

Overdue Orders

Number of overdue orders

Orders (Graph)

Timeline of orders (with adjustable time frame)

Last 5 Orders

Glimpse of the last 5 orders placed (Store Name, Order Number, Shipping Name)

Modifying Defaults

The default Year-To-Date starting date can be set in the System > Configurations menu by using the left side menu and navigating to General > Reports and changing the Year-To-Date Starts field or Current Month Starts field.

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