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Printer - Additional Arguments

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This article is not relevant to users of ShipStream 2022.2 or newer. Please see the Device Hub Overview.

When printing PDF files or images (and excluding Zebra thermal printers), printers setup in ShipStream can accept "additional arguments" in the printer configuration to override the default print settings.

For Zebra printers see Zebra Printer Margin Troubleshooting if you are having trouble getting the print area to align correctly with the labels.

Here are a list of available options and their affect on the print result:

-paper="<Paper Name>" Force a paper size (e.g. -paper="Letter")

-source=<number> Choose a paper source/tray (e.g. -source=4)

-mono Force monochrome even for color printers

-landscape Force rotate to landscape

-duplex_vertical Prints on both sides of paper (for pages that flip Right to Left)

-duplex_horizontal Prints on both sides of paper (for pages that flip upward)

You can create multiple printer resources for the same printer with different options. For example if you have a printer with three paper trays with different paper in each tray you could setup "001-1" with -source=1 and "001-2" with -source=2.

Paper Type

ShipStream uses primarily Letter and Half-Letter (Statement) for the "laser" printer jobs. This should normally be set as the default paper size in the default printer settings and will also be the default used by ShipStream. However, if you need to specify another size use -paper="<Paper Name>" to set the paper type using the Paper Name displayed in the paper size list. The list of available sizes can be viewed by navigating to your computer's Control Panel and selecting View devices and printers.

Then right click your printer if it appears in the list and click Printing Preferences.

Every printer has a different way of presenting Printing Preferences, but a list of Page Sizes should be available.

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