Printer - Additional Arguments

Updated 3 months ago by Cory M.

Printers can be given additional arguments in the print server to override default print settings. Here are a list of available options and their affect on the print result:

-paper=<"Paper Name"> Print Medium (e.g. -paper="Letter")

-source=<number> Paper source number (e.g. -source=4)

-copies=<number> Number of Copies (e.g. -copies=4)

-mono Prints in Monochrome / Black and White (not set by default)

-landscape Force print in landscape mode (not set by default)

-duplex_vertical Prints on both sides of paper (for pages that flip Right to Left)

-duplex_horizontal Prints on both sides of paper (for pages that flip upward)

Paper Type

Use -paper=<"Paper Name"> to set the paper type using the Paper Name displayed in the paper size list. The list of available sizes can be viewed by navigating to your computer's Control Panel and selecting View devices and printers.

Then right click your printer if it appears in the list and click Printing Preferences.

Every printer has a different way of presenting Printing Preferences, but a list of Page Sizes should be available.

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