Printer Checklist

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  1. Make sure the Printer Client is installed on the Windows machine that will be hosting the printer — Installing the Printer and Scales Client
  2. Install the printer on the Windows machine that will be the host
    1. This is just a normal, everyday printer installation on a Windows machine. For specific details on how to install your printer on a Windows machine please consult the manufacturer's documentation.
    2. Zebra printers often allow the user to select whether they are installing it as a USB connected printer or as Wi-Fi connected.
    3. Sometimes to install the printer it first has to connect by USB so the drivers are installed on the Windows machine before switching it to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once the printer is installed on the host Windows machine:
  1. Use the ShipStream Printer interface to setup the printer and assign it a resource name. — Resource names are prefixed with "laser_", "label_", "smalllabel_". — Printer Setup
  2. Once the printer is configured in the Print Server, scan its resource barcode with any device using the Scanner UI ( the dark gray background pages used on the production floor ) to allow that device to use the scanned printer for printing.

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Installing the Printer and Scale Client