Printer Checklist

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This article is not relevant to users of ShipStream 2022.2 or newer. Please see the Device Hub Overview.
  1. Make sure the Printer Client is installed on the Windows machine that will be hosting the printer — Installing the Printer and Scales Client
  2. Install the printer on the Windows machine that will be the host
    1. This is just a normal, everyday printer installation on a Windows machine. For specific details on how to install your printer on a Windows machine please consult the manufacturer's documentation.
    2. Zebra printers often allow the user to select whether they are installing it as a USB connected printer or as Wi-Fi connected.
    3. Sometimes to install the printer it first has to connect by USB so the drivers are installed on the Windows machine before switching it to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once the printer is installed on the host Windows machine:
  1. Use the ShipStream Printer interface to setup the printer and assign it a resource name. — Resource names are prefixed with "laser_", "label_", "smalllabel_". — Printer Setup
  2. Once the printer is configured in the Print Server, scan its resource barcode with any device using the Scanner UI ( the dark gray background pages used on the production floor ) to allow that device to use the scanned printer for printing.

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Installing the Printer and Scale Client