Setting up Scale Resources for the Server

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Admin portal: http://web-address-provided:providedScalesPortFor each computer that is connected you will see the computer name.  Click the Edit link to go to the edit page.  (Reference your original email for username and password.)On the Edit page click "Add Resource" and enter the following:

  • Resource — If your scale barcode is SCALE:001 then the resource should be /001. This should be unique for each device so that each device can have a unique barcode.
  • Command     
    • For true USB scales (Mettler Toledo PS90 or similar and scales and maybe others) enter UsbScale
    • For serial scales (or scales that use a serial interface with a USB adapter) enter SerialScale
  •  Additional Args (this expects valid JSON format)
    • For UsbScale enter the scale number or leave it blank if there is only one scale (equivalent to ["0"]). If one computer has multiple scales you can enter ["1"], ["2"], etc.
    • For SerialScale enter the COM port the scale is connected to, the Baud rate the scale communicates with and the command to issue to get a reading. E.g. ["COM3", "9600", "S"] is an example of what would work for a Mettler Toledo ICS425 connected to COM3. For Adam Equipment scales the command should be "P" instead of "S".

After saving you can click "Test" to get a test reading and see if there are any error messages.

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