Installing the Print and Scale Server

Updated 1 year ago by Kevin


Using the link to the installer that was E-mailed to you.​

The installation is very straightforward, just open the installer like any other typical Windows installer and click next a few times.  It will ask you for Administrator privileges and warn that it is not signed, but it is safe to continue.​

The installer will install two Windows services that run in the background: ShipStreamPrinter and ShipStreamScale.  They will both connect to the central servers where you can manage the resources.  The resources are the various printers and scales that will be used by your team.  There is currently no client-side UI, but there are some log files named "nssm.log" in C:\Program Files (x86)\ShipStreamClient\node_modules\shipstream-*\  if you have issues and want to dig deeper.  If the connection is lost the client machines will automatically attempt to reconnect indefinitely every 15 to 60 seconds.  The provided ports used for the Printers and Scales server are TCP outbound so make sure these are not blocked by any firewalls (not typical).

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