Electronic Trade Documents

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Electronic Trade Documents (ETD's) are frequently used in conjunction with international shipments. Shipstream will request the document from the carrier that is required by customs to summarize the shipment contents and information. The documents for shipping internationally vary between countries but typically the Commercial Invoice is required.

Electronic Trade Document Creation

When an order is created, ShipStream will communicate with the carrier to determine whether or not a shipment generates an ETD based on the Origin and Destination countries selected. Some countries do not require this feature, but these requirements may change periodically. If it is determined that a Origin/Destination address pair requires an ETD with the shipment then the document will be available for printing after the items are packed and submitted for shipment.

To view the Commercial invoice ETD, go to the order that has been submitted and Click Print Sender's Copy to view the Commercial Invoice PDF.

The Shipping Label will also indicate that an ETD is required for the address pair.

Letterheads and Signatures

ShipStream supports Letterhead and Signature images on the ETDs. Some international shipments require a letterhead (usually a logo image from the client) to be embedded with the ETD and in some cases, a signature image. These help speed up the customs processing time for international shipments.

Currently these images must be set using these config fields:

  • Countries Requiring Commercial Invoice Letterhead - with 81 countries pre-selected
  • Commercial Invoice Letterhead Image
  • Countries Requiring Commercial Invoice Signature - with 94 countries pre-selected
  • Commercial Invoice Signature Image

The user can upload images to be used for letterhead and signatures via the FedEx config Image fields. The images must be no larger than 700px wide and 50px tall. These will be stored in ShipStream and uploaded to FedEx on-demand when creating labels.

If more than 5 unique images are uploaded in total they will be rotated out using a "least recently used" algorithm due to the limitation imposed by FedEx that only 5 images may be uploaded to their system at any given time. It is advised to keep your number of images at or below 5 if possible.

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