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Version 2021.1

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February 11, 2021

Improved Packaging Feature management

The new "Associated Products" tab added to the Packaging Features page helps you easily find all products associated with a Packaging Feature through the "Valid Containers", "Requires Infill", "Special Supplies" and "Other Special Features" attributes. Use the mass actions to easily add or remove these associations for many products at once.

Support multi-select in more grid columns

We've added multi-select capability to over 400 grid column filters in the Admin UI and Client UI so users can now match multiple values instead of just one. This was previously only possible on a smaller number of columns. Use the multi-select feature by clicking the "plus" sign below the select box and holding Ctrl to select multiple options.

Exclude Amazon services for specific orders

You can apply fine-grained control on which Amazon MWS shipping services will be considered eligible for an order by specifying a new key in "Other Shipping Options". See Excluded Services

Improved Shopify inventory sync

When using BOMs with Virtual Inventory, the affected SKUs in Shopify will now be updated instantly and with the exact Qty Advertised to keep Shopify's inventory more closely synchronized with the Virtual Inventory.

Other Improvements

  • Added a "Use for Bin Packing" column to the Packaging Features grid when filtered by Containers
  • The global search will now return results for Work Orders and Return/Shipping Labels
  • Fixed a validation bug preventing saving Products in some rare cases related to Lot Type being changed for the product previously
  • Fixed Before Create Order Scripts missing the region_id when a client user creates an order
  • Start new staff time entry when a clocked-in user logs out or logs in on another device
  • Fixed containers duplicated when shipment packed via Admin UI with multiple packages having containers added

Backported Improvements

These items have been backported to one or more previous versions but are noted here for completeness.

  • Allow the "Allow Backorders Default" option to be set per-merchant
  • Fixed order.adress.region_code not present in script scope for orders created via Client UI
  • Fix validation bug preventing user from saving product in some cases

API Changes

  • Added API endpoint for Return/Shipping Label feature (delivery.labels and delivery_label.*)
  • Added the following new fields to all delivery:* webhook payloads. The unique_id field should no longer be used and that value is now called delivery_id.
    • delivery_id
    • increment_id
    • sender_name
    • sender_ref
    • sender_ref_alt
    • merchant_ref
    • merchant_status
  • The inventory:adjusted webhook topic payload now includes adjustments for additional products affected by a Bill of Material that uses Virtual Inventory. Stock adjustments for changes invoked because of Virtual Inventory will not include the qty_adjust key, but rather only the absolute values.
  • Added qty_advertised to the inventory:adjusted webhook topic payload.

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