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Actionable Reports

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Actionable Reports are email notices sent once a day at 8am in the morning to provide merchants with a quick snapshot of their deliveries.

The report is broken down by status:

  • Accepted - the expected items should ideally be added before the delivery can be processed.
  • Put-Away - the items have been put-away but are not yet available pending a "Commit" action.
  • Accepting - the items are currently being unloaded - user may wish to update expected items quantities before processing starts.
  • Ready To Process - no further action needed but it is useful to see which deliveries are about to be processed and how long since they were received.
  • New - a list of deliveries that have not yet been received.


Actionable Reports are supported for ASNs, RMAs, Cancellations and Other Deliveries and can be configured at the following locations at the Merchant and Brand scope only:

  • Warehouse > ASNs > Actionable Report
  • Warehouse > RMAs > Actionable Report
  • Warehouse > Cancellations > Actionable Report
  • Warehouse > Other Deliveries > Actionable Report
The Actionable Report section will not appear in the config unless your Current Configuration Scope is a merchant. See Configuration Scope for more info.

Example Email

Here is an example showing a variety of ASNs for a merchant named "ACME Inc."

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