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Device Hub Troubleshooting

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This page contains some troubleshooting tips and solutions for common problems that you may experience with the Device Hub.

For general information on setting up the Device Hub in your warehouse, please see Device Hub Overview.

For information on ShipStream's support for certain hardware devices, please see Hardware Support.

View Logs

The Event Log can provide helpful information such as detailed error messages, error codes, elapsed time and more.

The View Logs page will contain up to 1000 of the latest log entries in descending order from newest (top) to oldest (bottom).

Exporting Events

Click on a log entry to view the details and click the Export button to download a file containing diagnostic information:

Report Issues

If you run into any problems that you'd like to report, feel free to use the Report Issue button to send us some information so that we can reproduce your problem and we'll get it fixed and respond to you ASAP!

  • Reply Email - Include their email address to receive replies (optional).
  • Client - Select which computer client is experiencing the issue if this is applicable.
  • Description (required)- Include details about the issue they are experiencing.
  • Include Logs - This will send the entire event log along with the error report to ShipStream.
  • Include last job file - This will attach the last file that was sent to be printed.

Click Send to report the issue to ShipStream.

Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Conflicts

The Device Hub clients write job files to disk and execute programs which send the files to the printer spool or communicate with your scales. Some anti-virus software might block these programs from executing or writing files to disk for some unknown reason. Temporarily disabling the AV software is a good way to determine if this is happening in your case.

If the AV software is interfering with the Device Hub client software, you may need to add the clients to your AV software's "exclusions" or "safe" list. Please consult your software's user documentation for specific instructions.

The paths which may need to be excluded are:

  • %LocalAppData%\Programs\shipstream-device-app\
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\ShipStreamDeviceService\
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\ShipStreamClient\ (legacy client only)
Some error codes which are commonly associated with this issue are 3221225701 and 0xC00000E5.

Device Hub Warnings

Device ID Conflicts

Printer and scale devices must use unique IDs across similar device types. For instance, a label printer with the device ID "001" cannot share the same device ID as another label printer "001". However, a label printer and a laser printer can both share the device ID "001". This is because in ShipStream the device is referenced as a barcode value with the device type as a prefix (i.e. LASER:001, LABEL:001, SMLABEL:001, etc.). If you manage to have to devices with the same ID, there can be unexpected behavior such as:

  • Scales not weighing from ShipStream despite working in Device Hub tests.
  • Print jobs failing or not sending.

Device ID conflicts are highlighted red if two non-legacy devices share the same device ID.

You can move your mouse over the highlighted device to see which machine has the device with the conflicting ID. Take note that the two devices with IDs "001" in the example above are not conflicting because they are different device types.

Printer Unavailable Indicator

The warning indicator icon shown below will appear if the printer is disconnected before trying to access the device options in Device Hub or Device App. There are two ways you can resolve this:

  1. Re-connect the printer to the machine and click the device in Device Hub or Device App again to remove the warning.
  2. Update the printer that the device is pointing to using the Edit button and selecting the correct "Device".

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