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Packaging Features

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Packaging Features in ShipStream are items that can be added to a shipment during packing to help ensure that packages are packed in a specific way, using specific supplies, or to collect data and more. There are five types of Packaging Features which are:

  • Containers
  • Supplies
  • Data Collection
  • Instructions
  • Infill

Create a Packaging Feature

  1. Navigate to Shipping > Packaging Features.
  2. Click Add Packaging Feature at the top right.
  3. Choose which Merchant will "own" this Packaging Feature.
Packaging Features that should be used by multiple merchants (e.g. a generic box) should belong to the merchant that is chosen in the configuration under System > Configuration > Catalog > General > Share Packaging Features.
  1. Select a Packaging Type according to your needs.
  • Containers - These are items that can contain your products for shipping or some special purpose designations like nylon straps.
  • Supplies - These are used in situations that require special tape, packing material, stickers, etc. The packer will be notified of which supplies to use and how much.
  • Data Collection - Use this type to collect data from the packer about the items being packed such as serial numbers, net weight, etc.
  • Instructions - Prompt the packer with special instructions for packing. You can specify when and how often these instructions appear to the packer.
  • Infill - This packaging type is used not only to indicate to the packer which type of infill to use and how much, but it also makes sure that space is reserved in the container by the Packing Solutions.

Once a packaging feature has been created successfully, it will be available when selecting products for an order, and can be viewed in the Packaging Features grid.

Using Packaging Features

Although you can do so, Packaging Features are not meant to be added to an order along with the other order items which would cause them to have to be picked with the other items. Instead, they are applied to shipments at the time of packing automatically.


Containers are applied to shipments by the Packing Solutions system, or on-the-fly by the packer during packing by scanning the container's barcode.

Supplies, Data Collection, Instructions

There are many ways to apply these Packaging Features to an order:

  • Packaging Feature attributes:
    • Always/Never Apply to Goods Type
    • Apply Unless Container Meets HazMat Specs
  • Product attributes
    • Other Special Features or Special Supplies
  • Advanced


Please see Infill as this Packaging Feature applies exclusively to the Packing Solutions system. If you have infill items that you would like to apply without using Packing Solutions you can specify them as Supplies but space for them will not be reserved automatically by the Packing Solution algorithms.

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