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Version 2021.0

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January 5, 2021

Packing Mode option

You can now force all users to use either the "Pack Only" or "Pack and Load" modes on the Packing UI with the new "Scanner > Packing > Packing Mode" configuration. The default is "Optional" so the current behavior is unchanged but you can change it to disallow users from choosing the mode on the fly.

Group By Shipping Method and Batch Tag

We've added two new ways to group shipments together when creating Bulk Fulfill Orders, you can now group by Shipping Method or Batch Tag and the Carrier option now applies to the shipments' Carrier rather than the order's Carrier in case they differ.

Optional Container Weights

If you don't care to weigh your containers upon receipt you can now make this input either optional or disabled altogether! Set this configuration separately for ASNs, RMAs and Other Deliveries as well as per-merchant.

Start Put-Away by scanning Work Order

If you don't use License Plates for tracking Work Order Outputs or the License Plate gets lost or damaged you can scan the original Work Order from the Put-Away screen to either immediately load the lone Work Order Output for put-away or display a list of Work Order Outputs so you can choose one from a list.

Create Work Order Outputs from Admin UI

In the event that a user completes assembly of a Work Order but doesn't create Work Order Outputs for the assembled items, this can now be done also through the Work Order Outputs tab using a mass action:

New mass actions for Orders

We added "Cancel Backordered Items" and "Cancel Unfulfilled Items" mass actions to the Orders grid to help perform these actions on large batches of orders more easily.

New Manifest Courier for UPS Next Day

In your UPS config you can now choose to load UPS Next Day packages to a separate manifest in case your UPS driver makes separate pickups for these packages.

Customs Values for Orders and Order Items

You can now specify customs values that are specific to each order, either one value for the entire order or one for each order item. The product customs values will be used as a fallback if these are not specified.

Improved Bulk Fulfill Order mass shipping label generation

We've made the "Generate Shipping Labels" action for Bulk Fulfill Orders easier to use in the following ways:

  • Packing Solutions are used when available so that you do not have to first pack a template shipment.
  • International orders with customs documents are now supported and will be sent to the printer automatically. A note will advise if they were printed and a "Print Customs Documents" button was added so that they can be printed, downloaded or reprinted.

Per-warehouse Advertised quantity

ShipStream now calculates an "Advertised" amount at the warehouse-level to reflect "virtual" inventory in each warehouse in additional to globally. The Create New Order page, inventory.list API method and other locations have been updated to include this new value when appropriate.

Custom and System Product Attributes

While Custom Product Attributes were already present, we've cleaned them up, made them easier to use and added some new features:

  • You can now modify the notes displayed below the field for all attributes and specify a separate note for your internal users and client users.
  • You can specify which merchants can see the attribute in case your custom attribute is only pertinent to specific merchants.
  • We simplified options for Admin/Client Permissions to make it easy to control which attributes are visible to your users and whether they can be edited.

Unpair device buttons

You can now un-pair printers and scales from your current device in the admin UI by clicking the new buttons in the footer.

Edit Time Entry "Started At"

You can now edit the "Started At" time in the staff time entry log.

Other Improvements

  • Renamed ASN Return Labels to ASN Shipping Labels
  • Fix backordered static allocation products triggering a mass order reallocation.
  • Fix static allocation should not be applied to an order that is completely out of stock.
  • 50% improvement in bulk order reallocation performance!
  • 90% improvement in grid export performance!
  • Remove duplicated messages from Scanner UI.
  • Added fields to the Order Items export: Qty Ordered, Qty Allocated, Qty Backordered, Qty Processing, Qty Picked, Qty Shipped, Qty Canceled, Qty Cancel Requested, Unit Declared Value, Unit Customs Value, Item ID.
  • Added "Products" column to the Relocation grid and a Relocations tab to the Product page.
  • Added "Delete" for users, merchants and warehouses. Items are soft-deleted to maintain referential integrity.

Backported Improvements

These items have been backported to one or more previous versions but are noted here for completeness.

  • Accommodate name prefixes in parentheses like '(A)' in status dashboard name display.
  • Fix an unexpected error during relocation in some edge cases.
  • Fix an unexpected error during order processing in some edge cases.
  • Relax phone number validation to allow "possibly valid" numbers.
  • Update UPS dimensional weight factor rules to use 139 for all methods/destinations.
  • Added staff status for "Returns".
  • Added buttons to easily unpair devices in admin panel footer.
  • Fix incorrect data on last row of inventory snapshots.
  • Improve label image sanitization and label image extraction for Packing Instruction uploads.
  • Improve performance of API login and user session handling.
  • Account for warehouse availability even while using static allocation.
  • Improve performance for canceling a batch.
  • Update list of TLD's accepted for email validation.
  • Improve authenticator reliability by serializing requests.
  • Improve address corrections for military addresses and address with multiple lines.
  • Fix an incorrect allocation result in some edge cases.
  • Fix error while updating Shipping Method for some orders that are partially shipped.
  • Added "Return Labels Destination Contact" to allow contact name to be specified independently of contact name for normal labels.
  • Increase time limit for grid exports to 10 minutes.
  • Fixed 'Unsupported container type.' error when completing BFOs with mixed carriers.
  • Fix other order items missing from Order Items export when orders filtered by SKU.
  • Add shortcut to load Work Order in admin UI using scanner.

API Changes

  • Add API method to list all of the merchant's enabled shipping methods with service codes and names.
  • Support customs_value and unit_customs_value fields in order.create API method.
  • Add qty_advertised field to inventory.list response when a warehouse is specified in the request.
  • Add optional third argument updatedSince to inventory.list API method to allow filtering inventory by the time at which it was last updated.
  • Add inventory.detailed API method which returns the summary inventory for each product as well as the per-warehouse breakdown of all warehouses.

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