Device Hub Client Updates

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Device App 1.8.18 and Device Service 2.3.21

February 23, 2024
  • Move Network Diagnostic tool from menu to main screen on Device App.
  • Scale COM port scanning and selection improvement.
  • COM port 0 is now an option in Device App.
  • Client reconnections are now logged in Event Logs separately from Disconnect/Connect and displayed on the Device Hub UI for each client and near the top of the Device App UI.
  • Reduced print job size in spool.

Device App 1.8.17 and Device Service 2.3.20

January 11, 2024
  • Improve Network Diagnostic Download Test accuracy.
  • Bug fix for printing larger jobs with many pages.
  • Support downgrading to selected versions.
32 bit Windows is no longer supported, but should not affect PCs newer than 2006

Downgrade Support

If for any reason, you feel the need to downgrade one or multiple clients to a previous version, the Device App will now allow users to do so using the Device Hub Update Center (previously Upgrade Center). A Target Version may be selected using the edit (pencil) button, and the machines that can update to the target version will be listed (with incompatible machines disabled).

In the example below, the machine with Device App v1.8.14 is disabled because downgrading is not supported with that version or below, but it is supported for version 1.8.15 and above. The Device Service updates are disabled because there are no Device Service clients connected. Additionally, an Update Summary is displayed with the upgrades and downgrades that will occur when the update is confirmed.

Device App 1.8.14 and Device Service 2.3.18

November 20, 2023

Network Diagnostic Tools

The Device Hub Server and Device App will now allow full network diagnostics from a simple GUI which can be used to determine if a network problem exists locally or externally. The test comprises of DNS tests, network pinging, HTTP requests, traceroutes, and download speed testing.

Improved PDF printing

The upgraded PDF printing software that prints barcodes, labels and packing slips will now produce higher quality prints. This should improve barcode scannability and overall print quality.

Other Improvements

  • Respond to print requests as soon as they are validated so WMS GUI may become responsive faster
  • Increase max file size to 100MB
  • Improved logging of job timing and status
  • Fixed some rotated documents were not printed correctly after the first page
  • Display company name in footer of Device App and Device Service Web GUI when configured
  • Reduce background printer list polling on Device Service and Device App
  • Fix automatic scale configuration for USB scales
  • Reduced serial scale automatic scan time
Update Impact: These upgrades must be deployed via the Device Hub or the Device App. See Upgrading for more information.

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