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Version 2021.6

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December 31, 2021

Generate SSCC Barcodes

Integrating with your B2B customers which use or require GS1-compliant Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) is now as simple as enabling the new feature in the configuration! When enabled the SSCC barcodes will be generated for each "package" of a shipment and sent directly to your thermal printer to be attached to each container as a globally unique identifier for that container.

Update Impact: No action needed, feature is disabled by default.


There is now one place you can go to find all enumerable items in ShipStream, which can be useful for drafting import files, writing scripts, working with the APIs and sharing information with third parties.

There are currently 45 enumerations exposed to both the Admin UI and the Client UI with the Client UI having the values filtered as appropriate depending on the enumeration and the scope. For example, a complete list of enabled shipping methods may be found by navigating to System > Enumerations > Shipping group > Shipping Methods tab.

Update Impact: No action needed. A new role resource to access this feature was added: System > Enumerations

GLS Integration

We're pleased to bring you full support for GLS services via EasyPost. GLS is a regional carrier serving an expansive next-day delivery area on the west coast at a reduced cost and with later pickup times and earlier deliveries.

New services added:

  • GLS Ground
  • GLS Priority Overnight
  • GLS Early Priority Overnight
  • GLS Saturday Delivery
  • GLS Early Saturday
Update Impact: No action needed, carrier is disabled by default.

Processing Comments Prompt

The Processing Comments on ASNs and RMAs are now added to a modal prompt when the user taps 'Begin Processing' or 'Continue Processing' to bring them to the user's attentions more prominently.

Update Impact: No action needed, feature is always enabled.

FedEx Ground Economy

As FedEx has retired the FedEx SmartPost service moniker in favor of the new FedEx Ground Economy service we have made the following updates:

  • Relabelled FedEx SmartPost to FedEx Ground Economy - this does not affect the internal shipping method codes, only the frontend labels
  • FedEx Ground Economy packages meeting Oversize conditions will have a Minimum Billable Weight of 71lb applied. The Rating Plan's 'Oversize Surcharge' field should be left empty for this method.
  • FedEx Ground Economy packages meeting Balloon conditions will have a Minimum Billable Weight of 20lb applied.
  • Non-Machinable conditions were added for FedEx Ground Economy to Weight, Dimension, and Packaging surcharges. Each of the respective Rating Plans field should be set to the same Non-Machinable charge.
  • A dim weight divisor with a default value of 139 is always applied to FedEx Ground Economy.
Update Impact: While no action is needed for this change to take effect it will potentially change the value of some API responses for the shipping method and therefore tracking number description. The shipping method code has not changed, so order creation is not affected.

Other Improvements


  • Allow shipping methods to be enabled at the Brand scope for UPS
  • Allow ORM-D and LQ to be mixed (treated as LQ only)
  • Added 'Packed At' timestamp data capture for Shipments for easier reporting
  • Restrict editing of 'Satisfies Overbox' attribute of Packaging Features to prevent accidental updates
  • Respect a Packaging Features 'Allowed Shipping Methods' option even if assigned directly to a product


  • Added 'Active' option, 'Activated At' timestamp and mass 'Activate'/'Deactivate' actions for Merchant Rates
    • If multiple Merchant Rates are active for the same time period the most recently activated one will be used and others ignored
  • Added 'Source' value to Rate Groups and Merchant Rates - can only be set via API in the future
  • Added 'Locked' feature to Rate Groups to prevent further editing of Rate Groups once locked
  • Relabeled "Methods" to "Services" in forms for consistency
  • Support returning rates via rate.quote API for External Shipping Methods

Address Validation

  • Validate First and Last name separate from Address - prevents invalid name passing all the way to packing before being validated

Admin UI

  • Added 'Delete' button for Stock Locations
  • Added '-- Specified in import file --' option to specify Warehouse in Location Import file for atomic inventory transfers
  • Fixed visibility of Shipping Methods at various locations and scopes to be consistent with configuration

Client UI

  • Added 'View Detail' to actions column for Event Log
  • Moved 'Complete Picking', 'Complete Packing' and 'Complete Loading' buttons in Sandbox module to Shipment level so that multi-shipment orders can be completed


  • Fixed unable to batch shipments that are locked but are assigned to a Picking Class that does not support Bulk Fulfill
  • Added warning message when composing a picking batch by grid to report number of shipments that could not be batched to to being locked by the Bulk Fulfill feature
  • Throw an error earlier during shipping if an Amazon order is already shipped with a better error message
  • Respect "Allow for Shipping Methods" option for Other Special Features - Packaging Features will be ignored if not allowed for the Shipment's Shipping Method
  • Added bucket.setMaxPackageWeight method to Preprocess Packing Solution Scripts to allow package limits to be increased or decreased from the defaults
  • Fixed minor issues relating to order processing when unholding orders or changing the shipping method or address
  • The 'current date' as it relates to the Target Ship Date will now consider the warehouse-specific timezone when evaluating the Reference Time

API Changes

  • Minor improvements to order validation (reject invalid values for signature_required)
  • Product attributes with "Client Permissions" being "Hidden" or "Read-Only" can no longer be updated via the Merchant API
  • Added missing metadata fields for rate quotes of Virtual Shipping Methods
  • Added items key to payload for shipment:packed and shipment:reverted webhook topics
  • Added shipments key to payload for order:canceled webhook topic
  • Added actual_description field to rates for rate.quote API method
  • Added event_timestamp field to webhook payload to help detect delayed webhooks
  • Added order.comment API method
  • Added order:shipments_updated webhook topic

Grid Changes

  • Added Lot ID column to Lot Locations export
  • Added 'Packed At' column to Shipments grid
  • Fixed 'Priority' column not always populated on Orders grid

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