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This article will explain how to:

  • Relocate a product using the Scanner Interface (Pull and Push)
  • Relocate a product using the Admin Interface
  • Manage Relocations from the Admin Interface

Relocating Product Using the Scanner Interface

Relocation of Products is tightly enforced within the ShipStream Scanner UI to ensure products are always accounted for. This is performed through a quick step-by-step process.

How to "Pull" Inventory

  1. From the Scanner Main Menu, tap the Relocation button to begin.
  2. Scan the Product barcode that you wish to relocate.
  3. You will see information on the Product's Merchant, SKU, and Barcode. Scan the barcode again to confirm that this is the correct Product.
  4. Since you are relocating this item to a new location, you will need to Pull from an existing Location. Either select the Location name from the Location list or scan the location barcode to begin pulling the product.
  1. Once the Location is scanned or selected, tap the Pull Count button to choose a quantity to relocate.
  1. Similar to other areas where Product counts are entered in the Scanner UI, this can be entered manually, utilize the count buttons, or scan each product as they are moved out of the Location onto the transport. Once at the desired amount tap Submit.
The product will now be put into a (temp) location on the Admin Panel for the purposes of keeping track of its status. If the user is relocating all of the product at the specified location, then the old location will still remain in the list until a new product has been added to it. The (temp) status will remain until the product is pushed to a new location.
Multiple different SKUs can be pulled onto the same Relocation job. This allows for a user to perform relocations efficiently whether one more SKUs need to be relocated.

How to "Push" Inventory

After the previous instructions on "pulling" inventory, we now have 10 of the product in the (temp) location. This is not a physical location and implies that the Product needs to be pushed to a physical location now.

  1. Return to the previous item's relocation by navigating to Relocation, then choose the user's name and the active Relocation item. Or you can scan the product barcode to return to the Relocate screen on the Scanner UI.
  2. Scan the product's barcode again if the green checkmark is not shown next to the product barcode. When the green checkmark appears beside the product barcode on this screen, it is ready to relocate.
  3. Scan the Location you would like to push the product to.
  1. Select Push Count to begin selecting a quantity to push to this selected Location.
  2. Scan the Product as you transfer or manually enter a count that will/was transferred to the selected Location, click submit.

If this was the last Product on the Relocation job, it will be marked complete. The item will no longer appear in the Relocation list.

Using the Admin UI to change inventory counts

Unlike the Scanner UI, using the Admin UI to adjust product inventory does not closely link stock movements from one Location to another.

If you need to move a Product from the Admin interface, you will need to begin by selecting the product from Catalog > Products. Alternatively, you can enter the product name, SKU, or barcode in the Global Record Search at the top right of the window.

  1. Once you select a product, click the Inventory tab from the left side menu.
  2. The Inventory tab reports the quantity of product available and its location(s) for each warehouse.
  3. Navigate to the panel with the correct Warehouse Label.
  4. To add or remove a product from a location, you can do so by clicking Count on the right side of the location table to adjust the quantity at the specified location.
  1. Enter the amount you wish to be assigned at this location and click Submit
    The "Whole Items" field is the total quantity located at this Location.
    When only moving some product, subtract the quantity being moved from the Unreserved quantity.
    Example: Location AA has 20 Unreserved. To move 5 qty to another location enter 15 qty into the "Whole Items" field.
    If performing an adjustment for any reason; It is highly recommended to provide a note to allow users to know the intended reasons for the adjustment or "relocation".
  1. To move the product to a new location, enter the new location's ID in the product's warehouse panel and click Assign Location.
  1. Then click the Count button next to the new location to adjust the quantity assigned there.

Managing Relocations

Users with access to the Admin Interface can view all Active and Completed Scanner UI Relocations by navigating to Operations > Relocations. From this grid view, the user can select a relocation to view more information about it.

From the Relocation view screen, the user can Void a relocation if necessary by clicking Void at the top right of the window. Users can track the movement of the product in the Stock Movement Log panel as well.

Additionally, all product movement is logged in the Stock Movement Log, and the Action Log. They can be accessed from these screens by clicking View Relocation at the right side of the log item. Clicking View Relocation will take the user back to the Relocation View.

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