Initial Configurations

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Store Information

Go to System > Configurations, and click the General tab in the left side menu under the General section. Expand the 2nd pane (Store Information) and fill out the fields shown below prior to submitting orders.

Warehouse Origin Address

ShipStream will not allow orders to be processed until the Warehouse Origin Address has been set for the specific warehouse originating the order.

Go to System > Configurations, scroll down to find the Shipping Settings in the left side menu under the Sales section.

Expand the 2nd pane (Origin Address) and fill out the warehouse address to set an origin for the orders.

Enable Shipping Carriers

While in System > Configurations, click the Shipping Methods tab in the left side menu under the Sales section. Expand the pane for the shipping carrier you wish to enable and select Yes in the "Enabled" drop down menu.

Additional Configurations (optional)

Adjust Account Settings

To change your account settings, click on your username in the top right of the window.

Here users can make changes to the account settings such as default email address, password, full name and user name.

Add Users

Admin Users or Client Admin Users can add any number of other users to use ShipStream. To do this, navigate to System > Users.

Update this section with additional Users and Roles if you would like others to have access to ShipStream.

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