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ShipStream Releases

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June 26, 2024


April 10, 2024


February 14, 2024


November 30, 2023


August 31, 2023


May 16, 2023


December 29, 2022

Full Release Notes


October 21, 2022

Full Release Notes


July 1, 2022


December 31, 2021


November 3, 2021


September 22, 2021


June 30, 2021


March 17, 2021


February 11, 2021


January 5, 2021


November 12, 2020


October 15, 2020


February 3, 2020


December 20, 2019


November 22, 2019
  • Advanced Grid Filtering
  • Scan Badge to Log Out
  • Improve Scanner Delivery search and menus
  • Improvements to Product attributes
  • Disallow for Merchant/Store in Packaging Features
  • Staff time auto split at midnight
  • 9 other improvements


October 17, 2019


September 4, 2019


August 16, 2019


August 5, 2019
  • Third Party Billing
  • Orders tab on Product page
  • Complete column on Order grids
  • Duplicate button on Delivery page
  • Lot Type pattern validation
  • Separate Client User management
  • Other User management improvements
  • New export formats on the Delivery grids
  • Ship Separate Only option for BFO
  • Display Backordered quantity during Put-Away
  • Other improvements


June 12, 2019
  • Update to latest FedEx ShipService WSDL
  • Packing Instructions (w/ PDF Upload)
  • Add new delivery notification email options
  • Adds a link to the product page for each component product from the BoM edit view.
  • Remove BOM tab when creating new products (since a BOM can't be created until the product exists)
  • Adds a Yellow Visual indicator on Scanner pick screen to prompt user to pick item carefully when picking a Quantity-type BoM that has Singles and Cases in the same location
  • Scanner pick screen, for all products with images, adds the product image below the info grid.
  • Allocate orders using multiple nested BoMs
  • Updated pattern validation for Lot model. Validation will now be enforced by Lot Types
  • Replaced Google Image Charts on dashboard


March 26, 2019
  • Allow for the completion of offline shipping methods through the Scanner UI in the Packing view.  Inside the Packing view the user will now see a toggle switch near the "Finished Packing" button.  This switch labeled "Ship Offline" will allow an order to be shipped "Offline".  If the shipping method does not have a way to retrieve a label then this switch will be locked to ship offline "Yes" and cannot be changed.  All shipping methods that can retrieve label's will default to ship offline "No", but the switch will allow the user to toggle it to ship offline.
  • Expand the functionality of external carriers.  External Carriers can now be setup through "System > External Shipping Methods", which will allow all the external methods to be created in one location.  Whereas before they could potentially be setup on each Merchant and Store.  Setting up a new External method will use the same fields as before plus a few new ones, but now they will use individual inputs to help ease the setup.  Once a new method has been setup the user will need to add, when appropriate, the method to the Rate/Zone Maps.  The method will also need to be added, if desired, to the System > Shipping methods under Default merchant and/or to individual merchants depending on the need.
  • Packages will now be separated by Manifest Code, this will allow packages to be separated by the trucks that pick up different groups.  Carriers such as FedEx will be separated by Ground, Express, SmartPost and Freight.
  • The Delivery Comments will now be shown in the Scanner UI During Processing as text inside a muted orange/yellow background area at the top of the page.
  • Adds a "Single Warehouse" allocation option to "System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings > General > Single Warehouse Option".  The Single Warehouse can also be set in Order Scripts by using order.options.allocation_options = '{"single_warehouse":true}'.  It can also be set in the API order.create by using {"allocation_options":{"single_warehouse":true}}.
  • Hazmat packages can now be closed separately from non-Hazmat packages.  Also note that OP-950 should be replaced with Hazardous Materials Certification (docs say this is being phased out).
  • Updated: Various improvements to the Bill of Material feature.


February 22, 2019
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).  Allows an Admin user to set up an Amazon SFP as a carrier in the System > Manage Shipping Accounts page. When set up will allow the warehouse to fulfill Amazon Prime orders for the Merchants.
  • Allow orders and backorder orders to be processed ahead of other orders.  This is accomplished by allowing the Backorder policy to be set per order.  If no specific policy is set for an order it will use the Merchant's default backorder policy choice.  The other component is to allow the priority to be set per order.  This allows for an order to receive a higher priority and thus be fulfilled before other orders that have a matching product.  The priority can also be suppressed which will allow the other orders of higher priority to be fulfilled first.  If no priority is set the it will use the default value of "50".  Valid values are "0" through "100" with lower values equaling higher priorities.
  • Display recent order script errors in the UI.  When an order script generates an error, capture the error message and add it with a timestamp to a list at the bottom of the order scripts page in a section titled "Recent Errors" containing a grid with columns "Timestamp" and "Error Message".  When a script is saved all recent errors will no longer show in the grid.  A new column, on the main Manage Scripts grid, will display with the number of current errors (does not include deleted errors) titled simply "Errors".
  • Allow Splitting BoM order items between multiple shipments.
  • Updated: Google Maps API consumption which allows the Google Maps to work again.  The Scanner > Packing view > Classification page allows the user to view a Google Map of the address's location so that a user can make an educated guess as to whether it is Residential or Commercial.  Used when the System could not classify the address.
  • UTF-8 support in generated PDFs.  This allows special character to print correctly.  E.g.: ™, ®, •, ü, ’, “, and ”.
  • BOM-related API for Products in Orders and Shipments.


January 15, 2019
  • Adds global "Choose Merchant" widget to allow orders, shipments, products, etc. to be filtered by Merchant using a selection that persists between pages.
  • Added a field to save Tracking Numbers on Deliveries (ASNs/RMAs).  Deliveries can now have as many tracking numbers as needed and are now searchable in the Scanner > Delivery page by Tracking Number or any of the other reference fields.  The Scanner Delivery page also now lets you browse deliveries by Merchant or by Supplier name.
  • Use vue-multiselect to replace HTML multiselect.  Replaces the multi-select widget with one that is searchable and much more user-friendly.
  • Support shipping non-fully regulated products via Home Delivery
  • Update API for pre-BOM backwards-compatibility - expose package data in
  • Improve order creation efficiency and locking strategy.
  • Create shipping labels completely outside of database transaction for faster mass label generation.
  • Plus 30 other bugs and improvements


December 14, 2018
  • Support packing BOM components into separate packages.
  • Require Comment and Permission for Stock Adjustments.
  • Separate Fully Regulated requirements from Regulated (ship lithium-ion batteries using Regulations but not Shipping Papers)
  • Rename 'Insurance' to 'Declared Value'. The old API field names will remain effective for backwards compatibility.
  • Email Notification for Delivery moving from Accepted > Ready to Process.
  • Implement "Department Number" as possible way to separate closing of FedEx hazmat vs non-hazmat packages. (needs testing in production - will be disabled until I can arrange the testing)
  • Add Plugin errors dashboard with Resolve/Retry functionality to expose integration errors directly to clients and simplify error resolution.
  • Add "Collected Data Unique" option for packaging products to ensure that duplicate collected data is not captured at packing.
  • Support assigning products to empty locations via Cycle Count.
  • Allow warehouses to be disabled.
  • Improve error message when order created with non-existent SKU.
  • Fix address validation holding order not prevented by order validation.
  • Add carrier warnings to shipment history.
  • Prevent target_ship_date from being updated when a shipment is reverted.
  • Add packaging features from a regulation to packing UI requirements.
  • Improve size of JS editor.
  • Improve grid widths for Regulations and Manage Scripts.
  • Improve validation for order.create API method to prevent ambiguous orders from being placed.
  • Add status history message when using auto-commit and when auto-commit fails.
  • Support multi-value option columns in grids
  • Packaging product Boolean option to check that an order's collected data is unique


November 2, 2018
  • Bill of Materials (SKU Relationships)
  • Support multiple subscriptions for the same plugin
  • Allow warehouses to be disabled
  • Email Notification for Delivery moving from Accepted > Ready to Process
  • Support per-merchant max bin weights for batch order splitting
  • Rename "Insurance" to "Declared Value"
  • Order Grid add warehouse Column for filtering searches
  • Touch UI - Change Delivery Reference to Merchant
  • Update Client Order Grid with the Submitted by column
  • Use last-packed shipment as template instead of first shipment


September 15, 2018
  • Lot/Expiration Tracking
  • Follow-up Improvements for "Lot/Expiration Tracking""
  • Support Third Party Billing for FedEx
  • Add "Void" button for Relocation
  • Lot/Expiration Tracking UI Improvements
  • Inventory Snapshot Export Changes
  • Add 'Product Family' to admin UI
  • Add Dimensions to Catalog > Manage Products Grid
  • Duplicate barcode allowed
  • Additions to Inventory Snapshot


July 18, 2018
  • Implement 'Single Warehouse' allocation algorithm option.
  • Add new delivery status "Ready To Process" and "Processing Deadline" feature
  • Add "Backordered" column to delivery page
  • Add Qty Allocated to product grid
  • User-provided tracking numbers
  • Replace shipping method names with full description, cease prefixing method name with carrier label and hyphen. (E.g. "FedEx - Home Delivery" becomes simply "FedEx Home Delivery")
  • Add 'Reallocate Orders' mass action to product grid.
  • Support multiple Shopify plugins per Merchant.
  • Add "Simple Fastest" allocation algorithm which uses Days in Transit maps to determine warehouse assignment.
  • Add support for reverting multiple shipments into consolidated Cancellation delivery.
  • Add Delivery "Void" capability.
  • Add missing fields for use with order import.
  • Add more locking to reduce deadlock potential during packing.
  • Major performance improvements and stability improvements when reallocating large numbers of orders.
  • Add allocation details to order history when re-optimizing.
  • Expose webhook ping errors to client users.
  • Fix label on batch page for items in temp location.
  • Fix BFO Lock should apply only to current warehouse.
  • Update to latest libv8 to fix possible Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities.
  • Add new 'pending_commit' delivery state.


July 3, 2018
  • Apply location assignment "Just In Time"
  • User-provided tracking numbers
  • Updates Carrier names to their common short form name
  • Update UI and FedEx carrier to use new regulation fields
  • Add new container type and packing instruction attributes to FedEx integration
  • Improvements to control over batch creation
  • Add new delivery status "Ready To Process"
  • Add "Backordered" column to delivery page.
  • Add Qty Allocated to product grid


March 15, 2018
  • Add "Lock To Warehouse" mass action
  • Display UI timestamps with Warehouse/Merchant timezone
  • Add "warehouse_id" to API data
  • Add "Shipping Account Groups" for increased shipping account flexibility
  • Add: Support for Multiple Barcodes Per-Product
  • Allow "Order Scripts" to apply to all merchants
  • Implement JS editor for user-provided script fields
  • Add "Clear Products" button on create order page
  • Support forcing email to be sent for new orders
  • Show "Collected Data" Value on Order Page
  • Add "Voided" shipment status
  • Add Filter to Carrier Column in Sales > Packages
  • Various improvements for defaults for fresh installations
  • Add complete product data to item data for use in order scripts.
  • Defer errors for unrecognized SKUs until after order script execution.
  • Add 'product_not_exists' exception for sales_order API endpoint.
  • Report error to user if auto-commit fails
  • Improve error message when unable to ship due to insufficient packaging product inventory.
  • Migrate shipment track numbers to packages
  • "Revert Shipment" button changes
  • Support multiple cancellations per order

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