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With eHub, you can optimize shipping with lower rates and improved package visibility.

ShipStream leverages eHub as an integration provider for the following carriers:

  • USPS

eHub offers the following features, fully supported by ShipStream for a seamless integration:

  • USPS shipping labels
  • Automatically generated customs documents for international orders
  • Automatic printing of SCAN forms for end of day pickups
  • Package insurance
  • Address verification
  • Tracking information

If there is a carrier supported by eHub that you'd like to use in ShipStream, just put in a request and we'll make it happen!

How to Set Up eHub

Getting started with eHub is easy, the steps from a high level are:

  1. Obtain an eHub API Key and save it in the ShipStream configuration
  2. Choose eHub as the Integration Provider for each carrier you wish to use (if multiple providers are supported)
  3. Add a Shipping Account in ShipStream for each EasyPost carrier account you wish to use

Step 1 - eHub API Key

  1. Sign up with eHub and as part of the onboarding process you will obtain the Partner API Key. You can also find the API Key in the eHub Portal.
  2. Sign into ShipStream and navigate to the System > Configuration > Shipping > Shipping > Methods > eHub section. Paste the API Key into the API Key field and click Save Config.

Step 2 - Integration Provider

For USPS, ShipStream supports multiple integration providers. Make sure "eHub" is chosen in Shipping Methods > USPS and click Save Config.

Step 3 - Shipping Account

  1. Navigate to System > Shipping > Shipping Accounts
  2. Choose or create a Shipping Account Group as appropriate (use "Default" unless you have a special need for a different Shipping Account Group)
See Shipping Accounts for more information on managing Shipping Accounts with groups.
  1. Click Add New Shipping Account to add a new account to the chosen group or click an existing account.
  2. Select the Carrier corresponding to the account you wish to add (e.g. USPS)
  3. Click Save Shipping Account

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