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Scanner Interface

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The ShipStream Scanner Interface is a modern User Interface (UI) designed to simplify and streamline the hands-on operations in your warehouse with an easy to use, easy to learn and self-explanatory user experience. Typically if you are present in the warehouse and touching stock you will want to use the Scanner UI.

To open the Scanner UI click Scanner from the navigation menu.


The Scanner UI is optimized to run on any modern web browser on desktops, laptops, tablets and handheld devices. It makes heavy use of a barcode scanner, printers and scales. Please see Hardware Support for more detailed information.


From the main page, tap on the function that you would like to activate. The functions are:

  • Delivery - accept delivery of an ASN, RMA or Other Delivery
  • Processing - process a delivery that has been accepted
  • Put-Away - put-away inventory that has been processed
  • Picking - pick a Shipment, a Picking Batch or a Bulk Fulfill Order
  • Packing - pack a Shipment or Bulk Fulfill Order
  • Cycle Count - adjust the inventory based on the quantity currently present on the shelf
  • Relocation - relocate inventory from one shelf location to another
  • Overrides - view and approve packing override requests
  • Loading - load packages onto a Manifest
  • Kitting - process a Work Order using a lightweight assembly line
  • Status Dashboard - a kiosk-mode to allow users to clock in or out using their private PIN without having to login

Current Warehouse

If you have multiple warehouses you may change the Current Warehouse by tapping the warehouse name at the bottom of the screen. The active one is highlighted. You will only be able to perform actions pertaining to the current warehouse, so for example you cannot pick a Shipment that belongs to a warehouse that is different than the Current Warehouse. See Warehouses for more information.

About Page

From the main page click "About" in the top left-hand corner to see a list of additional options and the current version of ShipStream.

The function on this page are:

  • Reload - reload the page - may be useful in some cases such as after an update is applied
  • Back - return to the main page
  • Exit - return to the Admin UI
  • Logout
  • Buzzer/Siren/Ding - play the sound to ensure your audio is operational

Debug Console

The Debug Console will record all "events" which the browser is receiving from your "keyboard". ShipStream interfaces with barcode scanners which effectively emulate a keyboard when you scan a barcode, emitting a rapid succession of key events representing the characters that were encoded in the barcode which was scanned. These scans are typically terminated by a special character such as a "Tab" or "Return". If scanning a barcode is not having the expected effect you may use this debug console to see exactly what characters are being emitted by your scanner.

Time Management

If you have Time Management enabled your current status will be displayed in the upper-righthand corner of the screen. The status will be managed automatically when performing tasks in the Scanner UI. For example when you tap Picking, your status will begin to be tracked as "Picking".

Tap this button to change your status to a manual status, clock out or apply a modifier (Troubleshooting, Training, Special Project).

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