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How-To: Brand-Specific Shipping Account

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This guide is a step-by-step walkthrough to show how to configure ShipStream to use a specific Shipping Account for orders belonging to a specific Brand. Specifically, this example will show how to setup a FedEx Account that can only be used by ACME Inc's Chewy sales channel.

See the Shipping Accounts page for more general information on managing shipping accounts.

Create a brand new Shipping Account Group

  1. Name the Shipping Account Group — "ACME Inc — Chewy"
  2. Don't let it inherit from another account — Only let it inherit if you want to allow it to use the Default Shipping Account Group as a fallback.
  3. Save

Add a new Shipping Account within the new Shipping Account Group

Fill in Account Information

  1. Add a label to name the Shipping Account — "ACME Inc — Chewy Account"
  2. Set the Carrier — "FedEx"
  3. Set a Specific Warehouse(s) or leave blank to allow for all warehouses — Leave blank
  4. Set a specific Merchant(s) or leave blank to allow all Merchants — Set to ACME Inc.
  5. Set Sort Order if needed — set to zero to place it first

Fill in Carrier Configuration

  1. Fill in the info as needed.
  2. Allowed Methods leave blank to allow all methods — FYI: Best practice is to leave this field blank to allow this Account to use all methods. It is better to limit the allowed methods at the Global, Merchant, and/or Brand scope configurations settings for the specific methods that can be used.
  3. Save

Configure the Brand's Settings

Set the Shipping Account Group

  1. Go to System > Configuration
  2. Select the Brand scope that needs the specific Shipping Account — "ACME Inc — Chewy"
  3. Go to the Sales group > Shipping Settings tab > General fieldset > Shipping Account Group field
  4. Uncheck the "Use Merchant" checkbox
  5. Set the field to use the newly created Shipping Account Group — "ACME Inc — Chewy"
  6. Save Config

Configure the Brand's Shipping Methods

  1. Go to Sales group > Shipping Methods tab
  2. Here turn off all Carriers that will not be used by this Brand
  3. On any Carriers that will be used configure the Allowed Methods that will be allowed for this Brand to use.
  4. Save Config

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