"Unable to Process" Order status

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"Unable to Process" Order status

In situations where an Order cannot be processed into Shipments, the order status will be changed to "Unable to Process" and an email notification sent if configured. This status makes it easy to identify orders that may or may not have valid data but for some reason could not be fully processed so that they are not easily overlooked.

Some reasons this error may occur include:

  • A Bill of Materials component that must be picked is missing a barcode (rendering it unpickable)
  • An international shipment contains products which are missing attributes required by customs
  • An international shipment is missing a valid phone number and there is no fallback number
  • An error was thrown by a Preprocess Packing Solution Script
  • Any reason which makes the shipping method chosen invalid for the order (dimensions, weight, origin/destination, dangerous goods, etc.)

When the error is resolved simply "Unhold" the order to cause it to be reprocessed. Other automatic holds such as "Invalid Address" will take precedence over this error state.

Email notification example:

For notification emails to be sent the email address must first be configured in System > Configuration > Sales > Emails > Order Unable To Process.

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