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License Plates

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A License Plate is an arbitrary barcode which can be "attached" to another entity so that it can easily be identified by scanning the license plate barcode. License Plates are created in ShipStream on the fly so do not need to be created ahead of time, only the physical scannable barcode needs to be created before it is used.

License Plates can be associated with the following entity types:


The License Plate value must always be encoded with the prefix LP: but can otherwise contain any other characters. The prefix is not considered part of the License Plate name so will not appear in the ShipStream UI. For example:

  • LP:001 — License Plate: 001
  • LP:Kitting_001 — License Plate: Kitting_001

Viewing License Plates

License Plates can be viewed from the Operations > Warehouse > License Plates page. This grid will display the warehouse where the LP is assigned, the label or "name" of the LP, the entity to which it is currently associated and the date it was last updated.

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