Device Barcodes

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In the ShipStream Admin UI and Scanner UI you choose the printer you wish to send a print task to or the scale you wish to receive a weight reading from by scanning the Device Barcode. These barcodes uniquely identify all devices connected to the Device Hub so that ShipStream users may utilize your warehouse hardware no matter where they are or what type of client device they are using. Your browser will remember the last device scanned for each type of device so you typically only need to do this once.

To obtain these Device Barcodes for your devices you can quickly and easily print them straight from the Device Hub!

Pro Tip: You can also select a device without scanning a barcode if you have a keyboard. Make sure you are not focused on any input elements and just type the Device Barcode followed by a Tab or Enter.

How to Print a Device Barcode

  1. Navigate to System > Device Hub.
  2. Add a Small Label Printer if you do not have one added yet.
  3. Click on the device you wish to generate the barcode label for.
  4. From the device's details popup, click Barcodes.
  5. Select the Small Label Printer that you wish to use to print the label as the Target Printer.
  6. Choose the Label Size to match your labels and the number of Copies you wish to print.
  1. Once you are satisfied with the label preview, click Print to send it directly to the Target Printer.
Click Copy ZPL if you'd like to see the raw ZPL commands used to print the label.

Copy the Device Barcode

You may wish to generate your own barcode labels for your devices. The value encoded in the Device Barcode consists of a prefix and the Device ID. You can copy this barcode value to your clipboard by clicking the device and then clicking the "Copy" icon beside Device Barcode.

Device Barcode Prefixes

Following are the prefixes used for each type of device:

Device Type


Label Printer


Small Label Printer


Laser Printer




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