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September 4, 2019

Improved Support for Lithium Batteries

We've added a special "Air/Ground Exception Type" for Lithium Batteries which takes in to account the battery properties and how they are shipped. This allows for more accurate reporting to the carriers so that ORM-D and Limited Quantities designations can be more strictly adhered to and so are not needed for Lithium battery exceptions, helping to avoid restrictions or additional surcharges in some situations.

New regulation options available:
  • Lithium Battery Material:
    • Lithium-Ion
    • Lithium Metal
  • Lithium Battery Packing:
    • Contained in equipment
    • Packed with equipment
  • Air/Ground Exception Type:
    • Lithium Batteries (IATA Section II)
    • Excepted Quantity
As Lithium Batteries are now more clearly separated from ORM-D and Limited Quantity exceptions you may need to update some Regulations and Products in your current Catalog to accurately specify your product data and avoid carrier restrictions or surcharges.

FedEx Electronic Letterhead and Signatures

Some countries require the Commercial Invoice has either company letterhead, a signature or both to be accepted by customs. You can now upload your letterhead image and your signature image to ShipStream and ShipStream will upload them to FedEx on the fly to be used on your Commercial Invoices to select countries.

UPS Commercial Invoices and Paperless Invoices

ShipStream will now receive and save the customs documents for international shipments from UPS allowing you to use UPS international services with ease. If you are enrolled in the UPS Paperless Invoice program these documents will be transmitted electronically to avoid having to print and attach paper copies as well.

Shipment Item Lots/Expirations Reporting

A shipment item Lots Export feature is now available on the Orders, Shipments, and Lots grids Additionally a "Shipments" tab is on the left in the Lot View page. These updates are available for both admins and client users.

New Exporting Options:
New "Shipments" Tab in Lot View:

Reorganized Menus

We've reorganized and cleaned up the ShipStream admin and client UI menus. These kinds of changes are sometimes hard to get used to initially but the new organization should make better sense in the long run and we've optimized the most-used options toward the top of the menus. These new menu categories also better correspond better to our documentation organization.

  • Sales is now Shipping
  • Deliveries is now Receiving
  • Warehouse is now Operations
  • Various sub-menu items have been relocated or renamed
Menu options that included the prefix "Manage ..." now do not have that prefix. For example, "Manage Users" is now simply "Users" and "Manage Warehouses" is simply "Warehouses".

Reorganized Packaging Features

While this is not a new feature, we have overhauled the UI for managing the Packaging products which we are now calling "Packaging Features". The Packaging Features have their own management UI under Shipping > Packaging Features and access is controlled using new permissions. Packaging Features are split up into four "Packaging Types" and the special attributes for each type have been cleaned up to reduce clutter and confusion. The four Packaging Types are:

  • Containers (previously known as boxes)
  • Supplies (physical supplies that can be inventoried and used during packing)
  • Instructions (special instructions for the packer to confirm during packing, but not physical items)
  • Data Collection (used to collect data during packing, such as serial numbers)

The product attributes "Special Tape" and "Special Infill" have been merged into a multi-select field "Special Supplies", and "Special Box" has been renamed to "Special Container". The "Other Special Features" includes Instructions and Data Collection. All existing packaging features will be migrated to the appropriate new Packaging Type based on their existing attributes.

Label Print Target

Shipment information and exports now include the "Label Print Target" which is the label printer resource that was selected when a shipment was completed. This data was not previously captured so it will only be populated for shipments completed after the update.

Other improvements

  • The "pending" and "remaining" numbers on the Dashboard metrics now exclude backorders and include shipments that are still processing.
  • Missing Lot tracking information was added to the client UI shipment information.
  • Fix some bugs related to reverting a shipment after a BOM has been deleted.

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