Version 2019.8.1

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November 22, 2019

Added "NOT" filters to the grids

ShipStream supports grid filtering using negative searches.

Added Filters:

Scan Badge to Log Out

Adds support to scan a badge on any page in the admin UI and the scanner UI to logout the user. If the current user scans their badge on the device the user will only be logged out. However if another user scans their badge on the device the previous user will be logged out and the new user logged in or redirected to a page to enter their PIN.

Improve Scanner Delivery search and menus

  • By Merchant list is now sorted by merchant name
  • By Merchant > By Supplier list shows now only shows those that are applicable to selected merchant
  • Added Search by or Scan barcode of:
    • Supplier Order Ref — ASNs
    • Merchant Order # — RMAs
    • Shipment # — Cancellations

Improvements to Product attributes

  • Renamed label of "Disabled" value of "Admin/Client Permissions" option to "Hidden"
  • Attributes are only "Hidden" for users without "Edit Restricted" permission
  • Users with "Edit Restricted" (or All) will be able to see and edit both "Hidden" and "Restricted" attributes

Disallow for Merchant/Store in Packaging Features

Packaging Features in their Packaging tab will now allow for disallowing particular Merchants/Stores from using the feature (Container, Supplies, Instructions, and Data Collection). This will simplify disallowing some Merchants/Stores and allowing the rest to still use the feature.

Staff time auto split at midnight

Staff time will now auto split at midnight. i.e: A Staff user that starts picking at 11:00pm and stops at 2:16am. The time will be entered as two records that split at midnight, according to the warehouse timezone that the user was working.

Other Improvements

  • Fix Reorder button to fill in the Product quantities from the initiating Order
  • Updates SmartPost to check if the Order destination is an international address and reject them as candidates
  • Fix Staff Time Log notes saving to the database
  • Fix BFO creation for Group By Carrier and Cheapest shipping methods
  • Use international format for valid non-US phone numbers
  • Increase selection save limit for Allow For Merchant/Stores field in Packaging Features
  • Fix Invalid Form Key error on login page when attempting to login after a long period of time
  • When creating a batch, shipments are no longer created based on the smallest BOM units
  • Fix issues related to Restricted/Hidden Product Attribute restriction.

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