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We are very happy to help you in the fulfillment process. This "Getting Started" article is an outline to familiarize you with the basic steps to launching a successful fulfillment operation on the ShipStream WMS/OMS platform.

  1. Core Concepts - Become familiar with ShipStream terminology
  2. Merchants and Brands - Setup your first Merchant
  3. Warehouses - Add more warehouses if you have more than one
  4. User Management - Add and manage users and user permissions
  5. Configuration Basics - Learn the basics of managing ShipStream configuration
  6. Shipping Accounts - Add your shipping account credentials
  7. Warehouse Hardware - Learn about what hardware is compatible with ShipStream
  8. Product Management - Add your products before you can start receiving inventory
  9. Receiving - Receive a shipment of inventory

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Core Concepts