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Version 2019.8

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October 17, 2019

Work Orders

ShipStream supports creating Work Orders from configured Bill of Materials(BOMs). The Work Order feature will allow you to:

  • Create an order to have a number of Products pre-kitted for stock
  • A Merchant knows in advance that they are going to sell a promotional kit and want to have a bunch on hand already kitted and ready for Orders
  • A common Product that is used in multiple Products' BOMs as a component; The common Product uses a BOM and it would be desirable to have a large number already kitted to make Picking and Packing Orders flow better.

License Plates

ShipStream supports creating License Plates. License Plates will allow for easy association with Work Orders and Work Order Outputs(WOOs). By using License Plates, WOOs will be able to go from Kitting to Put-Away without needing to print out the Delivery Label associated with the WOO.

For now, License Plates are limited to Work Orders and Work Order Outputs.

Dimensional Weight

We have added support for Dimensional Weight using the carrier's publicly advertised dim factors. Dimensional Weights, at this time, will be calculated using the entire volume of the proposed Shipment Items. This will provide a basic dimensional weight that is more accurate than using weight alone, but does not take into account void space. Future updates will increase the accuracy of the Dimensional Weights to take into account void space.

Attach Packaging Features to Orders

Packaging Features(PF) can now be attached to an Order during Order creation. By allowing PFs to be added, Merchants will be able to designate specific Orders that need PFs added. i.e.:

  • An Order shipping to a remote location needs extra padding for safer Product arrival
  • Orders during a particular week need a special promotional flier added to each Order made

This can be achieved by using the Other Shipping Options field or API key to add PFs to an Order.

Other Improvements

  • Performance improvements for admin grids
  • Fixed issue with Merchant switcher not always applying to some grids
  • Improved Order Scripts to allow different Scripts to use the same Variable names
  • The "Print Barcoded Labels" Button is back in action for the Client UI on a Product view
  • The store switcher was removed from the Product pages in the Client UI for it did not do anything
  • Global Merchant Filter will now retain filter after an Action is completed
  • Upgraded encryption library for stronger System security
  • Allow deletion of Rate Plans from a Rate Group
  • Prevent duplicate Rates from being added to a Rate Group
  • BFOs can now be created for a BOM's components with Split into Singles and By SKU
  • Improve Admin UI Shipment Packing when Packing BOM components
  • Fix Commercial Invoice accuracy for Quantity-type BOMs
  • Allow Orders to change to a virtual shipping method after items are picked
  • Numerous Code Optimizations and Improvements

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