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Manifest Couriers

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A Manifest Courier is a unique identifier for the party which is expected to pick up a Manifest which contains one or more packages assigned to the given Manifest Courier. By using Manifest Couriers and the Loading feature you can avoid potential human errors which may otherwise easily occur while getting completed packages from the packing line to the correct loading bay.

ShipStream comes out of the box with Manifest Couriers for all of the supported carrier integrations. For example, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express are two different manifest couriers that pick up packages depending on the FedEx service level chosen.

Custom Manifest Couriers

You may wish to add other Manifest Couriers in addition to the ones that are included out of the box. These could be added for a number of uses, for example, you may operate your own local delivery service or use an LTL carrier that is not supported directly by ShipStream via the External Shipping Methods feature.

You may view all Manifest Couriers and create new Manifest Couriers or upload new images for the system-provided manifest couriers under System > Shipping > Manifest Couriers.


This is a brief name for the Manifest Courier that will be visible to all users.

Barcode Identifier

This identifier will be used to associate Load Locations and Manifest Courier barcodes when scanned in the Loading feature.

Load Location Image

This image will be displayed to users of the Loading feature after scanning a tracking number of a package belonging to this Manifest Courier. Provide an image that is simple and easily recognizable so that as users are loading packages they can easily identify the correct location.

Manifest Label Image

This image will be printed in black and white on the Manifest labels which are printed after a manifest is "Sealed".

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