Overview of Your Account

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At this point you should have ShipStream up and running, but you may not understand how to use it or what to do next. Your next steps will depend on whether your are using ShipStream as an Administrator, User, or Client User.

Overview for Administrators

User accounts with the Administrators role have full access to control the ShipStream system, including creating new roles and users with the Administrators role. To provide new users with access to ShipStream but restrict their permissions to only what they need is a good practice to prevent accidental or intentional damaging changes from being made, and you can create as many roles as you need for your organization.

Administrators should continue on to the next article to setup Initial Configurations.

Overview for Users

Any user that does not have the Administrator role may not have access to every ShipStream feature in which case there may be parts of ShipStream that are documented which you cannot see while logged in. Please speak to an Administrator in your organization to request permission to restricted features as needed.

Overview for Client Users

Client Users are further restricted in their scope of permissions and data access based on the Merchant they are assigned to, regardless of their role permissions. Client Users' view of the system reflects what a remote merchant would need to see and do and not what operations personnel might need to see and do. For example, a Client User cannot count the physical number of units on a shelf location and so does not have access to submit an inventory adjustment.

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