Overview of Your Account

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At this point you should have ShipStream up and running, but you may not understand how to use it or what to do next. Your next steps will depend on whether your are using ShipStream as an Admin, User, or Client User.

Overview for Admins

The admin account will grant you full access to control the ShipStream system, users, and permissions. You are able to create multiple users, roles, warehouses, merchants, etc. without being locked out of any features.

The Admin should continue on to the next article to setup Initial Configurations.

Overview for Users

As a user, you are only allowed access to the system as granted by the Admin. You may not be able to see all of the features listed further in the Help Center articles by design. Your Admin should have granted you access that is specific to your role in the process.

You do not have the permissions needed to create new Merchants, Users, or Roles, but may be able to set up Warehouses, create packages, and generate orders depending on your assigned User Role.

Overview for Client Users

Client Users are further restricted in their scope of permissions and data access based on the Merchant they are assigned to. Client Users are given a view of the system that reflects what a remote merchant would need to see and do, meaning no warehouse operations.

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