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Ready to Ship

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Every Order in ShipStream has a Ready to Ship status which is either Yes, meaning the order is ready to be fulfilled for the customer or No, meaning it is not ready. When this status is Yes, a timestamp will also be recorded marking the moment that the order was last ready to be shipped.

The Ready to Ship time informs the Target Ship Date calculation. Specifically, if the Ready to Ship time is before the Cut-off Time for the Order's shipping method and Service Level, the Target Ship Date will be the current date. Otherwise, the Target Ship Date will be advanced to the next business day.

Specifically, a Ready to Ship status of "Yes" indicates that the Order is not in a Hold state and that shipping the in-stock portion of it would not violate the Backorder Policy. Orders that are not Ready to Ship (on Hold or partially backordered with All or Nothing policy) are automatically excluded from Batches and Bulk Fulfill Orders and so will not automatically be processed.

You can see the Ready to Ship timestamp on the Order page which marks the exact moment that an Order transitioned from No to Yes or the time the Order was created if it was immediately Ready to Ship. You can also filter the Orders and Shipments grids by the Ready to Ship status allowing you to focus on the work that is presently relevant and ignore the orders that are not.


As the Target Ship Date is based on the Ready to Ship time, you can alter the Target Ship Date behavior by changing the Ready to Ship time with a "Ready to Ship Time" type script. For example, you can delay the Target Ship Date by returning a later time or advance the Target Ship Date by returning an earlier time.

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