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Version 2022.1

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October 21, 2022

SPS Commerce Integration

We are pleased to announce our technology partnership with SPS Commerce! SPS Commerce has 20+ years of retail industry experience with business-to-business data exchange. Whether you are a retailer, distributor or 3PL, we are confident that they will help you meet the needs of your EDI customers and integrating their service into ShipStream is now supported out of the box for an experience that is rarely associated with EDI: fast and easy.

Along with the SPS Commerce integration comes a few other changes and improvements:

  • EDI documents are fully exposed to the user so you can see what documents are associated to their counterparts in ShipStream, and when and how they were transmitted.
  • Errors related to EDI document exchange are reported in the Admin UI and Client UI with buttons for Retry, Reject and Resolve making it easy to handle errors
Update Impact: None except for some menu organization and naming: "API Users" are now called "Merchant API Users", "Plugins" are now called "Merchant Integrations" and "Plugin Errors" are now called "Integration Errors".

Order Custom Fields

Ever wanted to add a field to ShipStream orders for data analytics, filtering, reporting, operations or anything else? Well now you can!

Order Custom Fields are highly customizable. In addition to choosing from no less than twelve different data types, you can control which merchants can see each field, where it is displayed and who has permissions to view or edit the field values! See Custom Fields for Orders for more information.

Update Impact: None. Add the new role resource System > Order Custom Fields to a user's role to grant a user access to managing fields.

Emailed Return Labels

The "Email Label" option for Return Labels gets two new fields, "Copy Email To" and "Email Notification Message" so you can serve your customers better!

Update Impact: None.

Duties and Taxes Payor for Third Party Billing

We've added more flexibility to Third Party Billing Groups so that they can now be used for Duties and Taxes in addition to Shipping charges.

Accordingly, the Duties and Taxes Payor can be set on the Order to reference the Shipper, the Recipient, or any Third Party Billing Group which has Duties and Taxes as an Eligible Payment Type.

Update Impact: None.
All existing TPB Groups will have only Shipping for the Eligible Payment Types so the Duties and Taxes option must be added to make them usable for Duties and Taxes Payor.

Work Order Internal Notes

Easily add "Internal Notes" to a Work Order which will not be visible to Clients but will be visible to Admin users and exportable.

Update Impact: None.

Multiple Roles for Users

User management can now be greatly simplified by assigning users to multiple roles!

Update Impact: None. All existing roles and assignments will remain unchanged.

Product History Grid

See or export all of your Product modifications and inventory adjustments in one place with the Catalog > Products > History page.

Update Impact: None.

Other Improvements

Shopify Plugin

  • Include Allocated, Reserved and Picked inventory in fulfillment service inventory response.



  • Fixed incorrect estimated length plus girth calculation for multi-item shipments in edge cases.
  • Fixed an issue where in some edge cases some rates are not returned for a Virtual Shipping Method.

Admin UI

  • Fixed default infill label fetched from incorrect config scope for "Require Infill" field.
  • Added "Relocation" and "Relocation Items" exports to Operations > Relocations grid and the Relocations tab on the Product page.
  • Added "Comment" column to Stock Movement grids to make adjustment comments visible in stock movement log.

Client UI

  • Fixed regression with delivery progress bars in grids.

Scanner UI

  • Fixed a bug with "Apply Only to Packaging Type" not applied to Packaging Feature scans.
  • Do not allow packaging that requires a non-overbox for products that require an overbox.
  • Fix some Packaging Features displayed as expected when they were not expected.
  • Hide images in Work Order assembly when assembling greater than four components.
  • Add ripple effect on counter buttons for visual feedback when tapping increment/decrement.
  • Add vibrate on counter buttons for haptic feedback when updating count.
  • Improve responsiveness and styling of counter to work in portrait mode.
  • Various other minor styling improvements.


  • Multiple performance improvements for Admin UI and Client UI grids with millions of items.
    • Matching row count will be limited to 20,000 items. This does not negatively affect exports.
  • Fixed a database deadlock issue when creating orders.
  • Fixed grid filtering offset issue for time zones with positive GMT offsets.
  • Fixed an issue when updating lot numbers with input having leading zeros.
  • Use known max days in transit for Simple Fastest algorithm.
  • Fixed rate quoting with multiple shipping methods uses the same allocation for all shipping methods.

API Changes

  • Added duties_payor and duties_tpb_group_id fields to Order API.
  • Added payment_types field to Third Party Billing Group API.
  • Deprecated other_shipping_options.duties_payor field for Order object.
  • Added support for other_shipping_options.fedex_one_rate field for Order object.

Grid Changes

  • Order Custom Fields may dynamically add new columns to the Order grids depending on the "Display in Admin Grid" and "Display in Client Grid" settings.

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