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Version 2020.0

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February 3, 2020

Virtual Inventory

For products that are not physically stocked but are rather provided via "Kit On Demand" functionality, the issue of syncing inventory for such a "virtual" product to your shopping cart inventory is finally resolved with the new "Virtual Inventory" feature. You have four options to choose from on a per-product basis: None, Optimistic, Realistic and Pessimistic.

When one or more of the components for a product built from a Bill of Materials is "shared" by multiple other products, advertising the maximum amount you could build for each product is over-stating your inventory because those shared components are being represented multiple times. The higher the degree of this "connectedness", the worse your overstatement of inventory becomes. With the Virtual Inventory option you can apply your outlook on this conundrum to your own satisfaction!

Default Third Party Billing

A new configuration field allows a "Default" Third Party Billing Group to be assigned to a Merchant or Store so that for all orders for that Merchant/Store a Third Party Billing Group will will be assigned to the configured value and may be specified as either Optional or Required so that you can prevent orders from being fulfilled without a Third Party Billing account applied.

Add Unassigned Items Lots/Expirations dialog to Put-Away UI

If a Lot Type is assigned to a product after it has already been received and partly processed but not yet put-away, this new dialog will ensure that the lot/expiration information is captured during put-away by allowing new Lot Info to be captured or assigned to the inventory easily during put-away.

Performance Improvements

Orders are allocated to warehouse inventory in real-time and re-allocated on operations that affect availability such as adjustments, order cancellations, and committing put-away deliveries. The performance of this mass-re-allocation operation with multi-warehouse routing is now about 4 times faster for typical use and in some cases much much faster than that!

Set Default Warehouse for users

After or while creating new users you can set the user's Default Warehouse so that they will appear on the Status Dashboard even if they have never logged in before.

Add shipment:reverted webhook topic

API integrations can now be notified instantly when a shipment is reverted so that the tracking number data previously recorded can be nullified and made ready for when the shipment is completed once again. See documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Scan after tapping some buttons causes the button to be tapped again
  • Double-scan bypasses lot tracking input capture
  • Mass-update Backorder Policy does not update Order status
  • Canceling a batch does not reset the order status to be batchable in some cases
  • Temp locations not shown when all inventory is in temp locations
  • Scanning a BoM component item would count the wrong qty if the parent item was not barcoded
  • Improved error message when a BoM product item ordered cannot be split into pickable items
  • Incomplete packages not deleted when a shipment is voided
  • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements

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