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CartRover is able to connect to your ShipStream instance as a "WMS" and perform the following functions:

  • Create new orders in ShipStream pulled from one or more Carts
  • Synchronize inventory from ShipStream to one or more Carts
  • Push tracking numbers for completed ShipStream orders back to one or more Carts

WMS Setup

Once you've signed up for CartRover, the first step is to complete the "WMS Setup" in your CartRover account.

  1. Click WMS Setup in the left navigation area.
  2. Select "ShipStream" from the Select WMS drop down field.
  3. Enter the base URL of your ShipStream instance in the ShipStream URL text field. This should not include the "/admin" or "/client" path. For example:
  4. Add one or more appropriate Error Contacts. Receiving these errors is important in the event that there is an error transmitting data to or from ShipStream.
  5. Click Save.

The WMS Setup is now complete and the next step is to setup one or more Merchants.

Merchant Setup

After completing the WMS Setup once, you can add any number of Merchants to CartRover. These typically will correspond one-to-one with Merchants within ShipStream.

Before you start, you will need the credentials for an API User corresponding to the Merchant you are adding to CartRover.

  1. Click Merchants in the left navigation area.
  2. Click New Merchant in the "ShipStream's Merchants" section.
  1. Specify the Merchant Name and the synchronization options. The recommended settings for most cases are: Order Delivery: Automatic, Shipping Confirmations: Every Hour, Inventory: Every Hour.
  2. Enter the ShipStream API Username and ShipStream API Password from the API User you created in ShipStream.
  3. Click OK.
  1. After saving to test the connection click Edit Setup and then scroll down to the button and click Test WMS Connection. In a moment the message "Test WMS Connection successful" should appear.

The Merchant Setup is now complete and you can proceed to adding a Cart.

Cart Setup

Please refer to the CartRover documentation for instructions on setting up Carts for Merchant Users and Warehouse Users.

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