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Picking Batches

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"Batch Picking" refers to the picking method which takes advantage of products in multiple orders being picked from the same location. This saves time as only one trip to a location is needed to gather the various items for multiple orders.

ShipStream generates batch-picking sheets automatically based on the zone locations of the items in multiple orders. The only step the user must take is starting the new batch when compatible items become available for picking.

Starting a New Batch

In order to start a new batch, there must be 2 or more items within the same zone on one or more orders that are ready for the picking stage.

Once you have 2 or more items ready to be picked from the same location on one or more orders, navigate to Operations > Picking Batches.

  1. Click Start New Batch
  2. A window will appear on the screen labeled “Start New Picking Batch”. Here you can specify how many bins are available to pick the items. Click the appropriate Bins amount.
  3. This will generate a pdf sheet detailing the orders that can be batch-picked at the specified locations.
  4. Once the batch has been generated it will appear on the Grid View of Picking Batches

View Picking Batch

If you click on a picking batch you will see a new page with information detailing the status, items, locations, and Action Log for that picking batch. You can also remove items from the batch and print packing slips using the Mass Actions from this page.

Once items have been picked, you can click the Pick button at the top right of the page. This will bring up a warning saying “All items will be transferred from reserved to picked status at their currently assigned locations.”

Picking Batch Grid View

The Grid view allows you to see details about a Picking Batch such as:

  • Bins used for batch-picking
  • Orders within the picking batch
  • Status of the order
  • Live progress of the picking process
  • The User associated with the picking batch
  • The Start Date of the assigned picking batch
  • The End Date of the assigned picking batch
  • When the picking batch was Created
  • An available Print action

You can also export the picking batches to a .csv or .xml file.

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