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Version 2021.5

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November 3, 2021

Smart Customs Values

You never want to overpay for customs, but when orders include multiple items or are split into multiple packages or items are packed using derivative items (BOMs with Kit on Demand) then properly reporting a single "customs" value is not so straightforward. We've completely revamped the way customs values are distributed to items in these cases to ensure that the reported values are as accurate as possible and that you don't over- or under-report the customs values while maintaining full flexibility to specify a customs value at the order or order item level or none at all, defaulting to the product data. See Smart Customs Values for more details.

Additionally, the final computed customs values are displayed on the Order page and included in grid export data at the package and package item level so you can easily see and export the same data that was submitted electronically.

Update Impact: No action needed, improved customs values will be used automatically where appropriate.

Having accurate Customs Value in the product data will help ensure the Smart Customs Values result is accurate.

Be sure that your integrations provide a customs value with the order data whenever possible.

International Currency Support

ShipStream now fully supports storing, displaying, and electronically submitting monetary data in your currency of choice. The Default Currency can be configured at the global scope via System > Configuration > General > Locale Options > Default Currency. All monetary amounts will also be displayed according to the chosen locale throughout.

Update Impact: No changes needed if you wish to continue using "US Dollar" as your default currency. Otherwise, update the Default Currency in the configuration to your desired value.

Grid exports and the API will include a separate column for the currency.

The Shopify plugin will now return rate quotes in the default currency.

Packaging Features Grid Inventory

The Packaging Features grid now shows inventory right on the grid so you can easily see what is available and where. Additionally, this view has been added to the Client UI so that merchants can also see the same for the Packaging Features belonging to their merchant account.

Update Impact: No changes needed for the Admin UI users. Check that the Catalog > Packaging Features permission is set correctly for Client User Roles.

Regulated Goods

As the applicability of Regulations has broadened we have renamed the goods type "Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials" to "Regulated" and "Dangerous Goods" to "Regulated Goods" in the UI. Additionally if the Regulation attribute is not allowed to be edited the user can still create a product but the Availability will be set to Not Available until a Regulation is selected.

Update Impact: No action needed.

Other Improvements


  • Packaging Features and products with an Export Description of "Packaging" will be considered as nominal items and not reported on customs documents.
  • Fixed Unable to Process deadlock when two shipments on the same order require mutually exclusive shipping methods. The Shipment shipping method will be automatically updated to be compatible with the shipment conditions.
  • Updated UPS criteria for Additional Handling (domestic weight>50lb, length+girth>105in)


  • When creating a new product the Admin/Client UI will allow a user to create a product and set the initial value for attributes with Restricted or
    Read-Only permissions. This fixes the inability for users to create products when required attributes are Restricted or Read-Only.


  • When packing products with "Require Confirmation Per Item: No" only one scan will be required for the shipment rather than one per unit.
  • The Picking pick plan is now sorted so that items for different shipments at the same pick location are sorted not by the shipment id but by the cart location making picking for multiple shipments from the same location more streamlined.


  • Fixed incorrect residential and additional handling surcharges for rate quotes with multiple packages.
  • Fixed fuel surcharge calculation to include all other surcharges in subtotal.

Address Validation

  • Improved handling invalid classifications when the user submits an order with Valid forced to Yes.

Packing Solutions

  • Fixed Packing Solution Overrides should be reused regardless of the actual Infill used - new shipments containing the same items will be able to match the overridden Packing Solution when the infill is considered
  • Fixed a new duplicate Packing Solution is not created when the submitted solution matches an existing solution
  • An error is thrown when the user submits a Packing Solution that is the same as one that has been disabled
  • Automatically enable/disable identical Packing Solutions when one is manually enabled/disabled
  • Added "Reason" column to Packing Solution Overrides grid
  • Added "Comment" column to Packing Solution Overrides grid when exporting

Admin UI

  • Respect user permissions for Import Tasks
  • Added multi-warehouse view to Shipping > Packaging Features grid
  • Added Total Customs Value to Package Items grid
  • Fixed issues with exporting Delivery Containers and Delivery Container Items from grids

Client UI

  • Fixed broken "View Documentation" link from import task page
  • Respect user permissions for Import Tasks
  • Added Shipping > Packaging Features grid
  • Added Total Customs Value to Package Items grid


  • Implemented session-based concurrency limit to avoid resource exhaustion
  • Allow PPS scripts access to request.shipping_method
  • Fixed error packing order containing Packaging Features
  • Treat '0' value in Picking Class' Shipment Max Weight/Volume field as unbounded

API Changes

  • Renamed the product attribute customs_value_usd to customs_value. The old name is still supported by the API for backwards compatibility for both reading and writing but should not be used when using a different Default Currency than USD.
  • *_currency fields were added alongside every monetary field. Only the default currency is accepted, or if no currency is provided then the default currency is used.
  • Perform address classification but do not make any changes to address when order is submitted with a truthy is_valid value.
  • Added residential_surcharge, delivery_area_surcharge and fuel_surcharge to rate.quote response.
  • Removed additional_handling_surcharge and added weight_surcharge, dimension_surcharge, packaging_surcharge and oversize_surcharge to rate.quote response.

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