ShipStream Flow: Rack Label Patterns

Updated 8 months ago by Cory M.

Rack groups are assigned label patterns by default that allow the labels to be automatically generated when extending or duplicating a rack group.

How to Change the Label Direction

By default the label is generated in ascending order. The light gray arrow indicates the starting rack and the direction the number increases in. To change the label direction, select a rack and click Label Direction to toggle between ascending and descending order.

How to Change the Label Pattern

To change the label pattern of an existing rack, select the rack and click Label Pattern in the right side menu that appears. Another menu will appear where users can input the new pattern.

Incrementing Label Patterns

Using the parentheses "( )" or double parentheses "(( ))" will increment any numeric value between them. The single parentheses will increment the rack number when extending the rack, and the double parentheses will increment the rack group number when duplicating racks.

The label pattern for the duplicate racks in the image above would be written as ((1))-(1) . Any text outside of the parentheses will be displayed as normal.

Setting the Duplicate Number

The duplicate number can be specified which will reset the selected rack's incremental value in the double parentheses only "(( ))". To set the duplicate number, select a rack and click Label Pattern in the right side menu. Then adjust the Duplicate # value, which by default is 0.

Setting the Duplicate Offset

Users may wish to duplicate a rack many multiple times to create an array of incrementally labeled racks. However, the label needs to accurately reflect the correct aisle number without having to go back and adjust this number each time. The Duplicate Offset allows users to increment the duplicate number every Nth row automatically (where N is the duplicate offset value). A duplicate offset of 1 will skip 1 duplicate number each time, such as in the example below.

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