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Merchant API Users and Roles

The Merchant API allows a system to connect to ShipStream with the scope of data exposed being limited to that of a single Merchant. This is effectively an API that has functionality in parity with t…

Cory M.
Updated 5 months ago by Cory M.


Webhooks are a mechanism for communication between two applications, in this case ShipStream will send an HTTP request with a useful payload of data to a specified URL when a certain event occurs. Th…

Updated 1 month ago by Kevin

External Shipping Method API

This article is a guide for implementing an API endpoint for an External Shipping Method which has the Label URL specified. By implementing this API endpoint the ShipStream users will be able to fetc…

Updated 1 month ago by Colin

ShipStream Plugin Fostering Program

Welcome to the ShipStream Plugin Fostering Program! A ShipStream Plugin is a piece of code that operates directly within the ShipStream WMS to integrate with third-party systems. As such, it must mee…

Updated 2 years ago by Colin


EasyPost is a flexible, modern API designed to simplify technical and logistical requirements for shipping. ShipStream leverages EasyPost as an integration provider for the following carriers: USPS.…

Cory M.
Updated 11 months ago by Cory M.

Amazon Selling Partner

With the Amazon Selling Partner Merchant Integration you can create labels through ShipStream on your own Amazon Selling Partner account. This is referred to by Amazon as "Buy Shipping" and is a requ…

Updated 7 months ago by Colin

Amazon Merchant Fulfillment

ShipStream support for Amazon Merchant Fulfillment and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Cory M.
Updated 7 months ago by Cory M.


CartRover is able to connect to your ShipStream instance as a "WMS" and perform the following functions: Create new orders in ShipStream pulled from one or more Carts. Synchronize inventory from Ship…

Updated 4 months ago by Colin

Freight Club

Freight Club is an easy to use shipping platform focusing on big and bulky products, enabling you to start shipping your parcel and LTL with more than 30 pre-vetted carriers in no time. ShipStream's…

Updated 6 months ago by Colin

SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce offers, among other things, a leading solution for business-to-business data exchange, taking much of the pain out of setting up and maintaining your EDI connections. ShipStream's SPS Co…

Updated 3 months ago by Colin