Articles and FAQs on the ShipStream/Shopify Plugin

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ShipStream Plugin Fostering Program

Welcome to the ShipStream Plugin Fostering Program! A ShipStream Plugin is a piece of code that operates directly within the ShipStream WMS to integrate with third-party systems. As such, it must mee…

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EasyPost is a flexible, modern API designed to simplify technical and logistical requirements for shipping. In regards to ShipStream, users can choose EasyPost as an alternative to to ship…

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Amazon Merchant Fulfillment

ShipStream support for Amazon Merchant Fulfillment and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

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API Users and Roles

To manage API users go to System > API. This article will instruct users on: Overview of the ShipStream API. Creating API Users. Creating API Roles. Overview of the ShipStream API. The ShipStream API…

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.

External Shipping Method API

This article is a guide for implementing an API endpoint for an External Shipping Method which has the Label URL specified. By implementing this API endpoint the ShipStream users will be able to fetc…

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CartRover Integration

CartRover is able to connect to your ShipStream instance as a "WMS" and perform the following functions: Create new orders in ShipStream pulled from one or more Carts. Synchronize inventory from Ship…

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Magento 1 / OpenMage

ShipStream's OpenMage / Magento plugin provides a direct integration with Magento-based shopping carts which provides the following functionality: Import Sales Orders from Magento depending on the or…

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