How to setup your warehouse within ShipStream.

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Picking Batches

This article explains how to use ShipStreams batch-picking features and understand the batch data.

Cory M.
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Manifests (Loading)

A ShipStream Manifest is a collection of packages that are being shipped via the same Manifest Courier (pickup driver) and are bundled together as one unit to be transferred to the carrier. A common…

Updated 1 month ago by Colin

License Plates

Working with License Plates

Updated 2 years ago by Kevin

Time Tracking for Administrators

In most 3PL environments, it is often useful to not only track who is logged in and in the warehouse, but also the task they are currently engaged in.

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.

Time Tracking for Staff

Staff Users are able to track or manage their current Task or Status in two ways: The Status Dashboard or the Scanner UI.

Cory M.
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This article will explain how to: Relocate a product using the Scanner Interface ( Pull and Push ). Relocate a product using the Admin Interface. Manage Relocations from the Admin Interface. Relocati…

Cory M.
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Import Locations, Lots and Inventory

Summary. The Locations Import tool can be used to facilitate adding/updating data contained at a Location. Common uses are: Setting up a new warehouse. Onboarding a warehouse currently in use. Moving…

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