Deliveries (ASNs, RMAs, etc.)

ShipStream implements multiple types of deliveries which are for receiving inventory. These delivery types are: ASNs, RMAs, ...

Updated 5 months ago by Colin

Double-Scan to Begin Count

During product inbound processing, users may wish to quickly switch from the Product Processing screen to the Product Count screen without having to manually click the "Count" button on the screen ea…

Cory M.
Updated 3 years ago by Cory M.

Auto-Advance to Put-Away After Processing ASN

Depending on how your Processing and Put-Away responsibilities are divided you may want to direct the user straight to Put-Away after Processing an ASN or RMA, or go back to Processing to start a new…

Cory M.
Updated 4 years ago by Cory M.

Actionable Reports

Actionable Reports are email notices sent once a day at 8am in the morning to provide merchants with a quick snapshot of their deliveries. The report is broken down by status: Accepted - the expected…

Updated 1 year ago by Colin