How-To: FedEx Production Key Certification

FedEx Web Services is the FedEx service which allows ShipStream to communicate with FedEx to create shipping labels and more. Every shipper must use their own FedEx Account and Web Services access ke…

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How-To: Brand-Specific Shipping Account

A step-by-step walkthrough to show how to set a Brand specific Shipping Account. This is for instances where the Brand needs to use a specific Shipping Account and no other. This example will show ho…

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Pattern and Replacement RegEx

How to make RegEx patterns.

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ShipStream's Subprocessors

ShipStream may use the following subprocessors for storing or processing customer data including potentially personally identifiable information (PII), for the sole purpose of providing logistics ser…

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ISO Alpha-2 Country Codes

The following is a list of ISO Alpha-2 Country Codes, sourced from the United States Internal Trade Commission. Afghanistan AF Aland Islands AX Albania AL Algeria DZ American Samoa AS Andorra AD Ango…

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Printer Troubleshooting

Printing Preferences and Printer Properties. In some cases, you may need to adjust these settings if you change your paper size or wish to change print orientation. If you are using Device Service th…

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