Articles relating to settings and configurations for customizing ShipStream.

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User Management

This article will show you how to create, edit, and manage users and their login credentials.

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.


This article explains how to Create, Modify, and View Warehouses.

Cory M.
Updated 7 months ago by Cory M.

User Roles

This article will show the user how to create user roles and understand the Roles Grid.

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.

Merchants and Brands

This article explains the use of Merchants and Brands.

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.

Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing allows shipping services to be billed to another carrier account.

Cory M.
Updated 1 year ago by Cory M.

Login via Badge

Setup and use Login via Badge to save your users time logging in.

Updated 2 years ago by Colin

Manifest Couriers

A Manifest Courier is a unique identifier for the party which is expected to pick up a Manifest which contains one or more packages assigned to the given Manifest Courier. By using Manifest Couriers…

Updated 3 months ago by Colin