Articles relating to settings and configurations for customizing ShipStream.

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Merchants and Brands

This article explains the use of Merchants and Brands.

Cory M.
Updated 2 years ago by Cory M.


This article explains how to Create, Modify, and View Warehouses.

Cory M.
Updated 8 months ago by Cory M.

User Management

This article will show you how to create, edit, and manage users and their login credentials.

Cory M.
Updated 7 months ago by Cory M.

User Roles

This article will show the user how to create user roles and understand the Roles Grid.

Cory M.
Updated 7 months ago by Cory M.

User Groups

User Groups enable you to set up your ShipStream instance so that you can grant limited visibility of your warehouses and merchants to your Organization Users. For example, users who only operate in…

Updated 6 months ago by Colin

Login via Badge

Setup and use Login via Badge to save your users time logging in.

Updated 3 years ago by Colin