Shipping Account Groups

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ShipStream supports creating shipping labels for a given shipment using different shipping accounts based on the situation. Shipping Accounts are organized into Shipping Account Groups to make it easier to change shipping methods for a given order without also having to change the Shipping Account. For example if the "Default" Shipping Account Group contains Shipping Accounts for both UPS and FedEx, you can change the shipping method between FedEx and UPS methods without having to choose another Shipping Account Group for that order.

Assigning a Shipping Account Group

Orders are assigned a Shipping Account first by resolving a Shipping Account Group. This will normally be the Shipping Account Group selected at the Brand or Merchant scope in the configuration field located at System > Configuration > Shipping Settings > General > Shipping Account Group.

The Shipping Account Group can also be overridden on a per-order basis using Other Shipping Options.

​Adding a Shipping Account Group

  1. To begin using the Shipping Account Group feature, navigate to System > Shipping Accounts.
  2. Click Add New Shipping Account Group at the top of the grid.
  3. Choose a unique label that describes the group of third party carriers you wish to make available for shipping, then click Save.
  4. From here you can either go back to return to the Shipping Account Groups grid or set up a new third party shipping account to be assigned to your new group.

Adding a Shipping Account

  1. After just creating a new Shipping Account Group or clicking a Shipping Account Group from the System > Shipping Accounts page, add a new account to your group by clicking Add New Shipping Account.
  2. Choose a Label that describes the shipping account. For example, "FedEx Primary (*1234)".
  3. In the Shipping Account Information pane, open the selection menu to choose an available shipping carrier.
  4. Once a carrier is selected, input forms will appear which vary depending on the carrier.
  5. Select the warehouses that this Shipping Account account will apply to, or leave it blank to apply it to "All Warehouses".
  6. Select the Merchants who will have access to this Shipping Account.
  7. The account number field will require a number set-up by the administrator and the carrier.
  8. After the information is filled out, click Save Shipping Account to add it to the group you created.

Shipping Account Group Status

The status of Shipping Account Groups will change to Pending Approval anytime the client tries to modify which warehouses can use the new billing method. This ensures that the admin has control over which accounts are used as Shipping Account options.

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