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ShipStream gives the user a detailed Grid View of all products in the selected warehouse and full control over product specifications and inventory.

See Import Products for a guide on formatting and submitting a bulk product import.

How to Create a Product

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products and click Add Product at the top right of the window.
  2. Set your desired Merchant (from whom the product will be available), any customized attributes, then click Continue.
  3. Fill out the General section of Product Information. You can also set new attributes
  4. Click Save or Save and Continue Edit if you wish to continue setting product specifications.
  5. If you would like to set a thumbnail for the product, go to Images from the left side menu while creating your product. Then browse for a product image to upload and then click Upload Files. An image item will appear in the list of images and you can choose to make it the Base Image or Thumbnail in the store or None.
  6. To order this product you will need to set the Inventory count and location. To do this, go to Inventory from the left side menu.
  7. Choose whether or not the proceeding steps will determine the stock of the product by selecting Yes from the Manage Stock selector.
  8. Scroll to the warehouse at which the item will be stocked, type in the location name, and click Assign Location to set a new physical location for the product. You can set more than one.
  9. Click Count to the right of the newly assigned location and fill in the amount in-stock and a reason for the amount chosen.
  10. Save your work. You will now be able to order this product.

View / Modify a Product

A product can be viewed by first navigating to Catalog > Products and then clicking on a product in the Manage Products Grid.

Once you are viewing an individual product, you will see a list of options in the left side menu under “Product Information.” These options allow you to view or modify the product specifications using the fields shown in the main content.

These are the Tabs on the left side menu that you can configure in the Product View:

  • General - Set basic product descriptions.
  • Export - Configure product export and country of origin information.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) - Set automatic reorder configurations and create BOM connections with products from your inventory.
  • Packaging - Set specific package requirements.
  • Images - Collect product images and thumbnails.
  • Inventory - View inventory report of item and assign to warehouses and locations.
  • Stock Movements - View reports on the products availability, status, and movement.
  • Deliveries - View deliveries of the product.
  • History - View a detailed history of the product and any updates recorded.

General Product Information

  • Name - This is the name of the item being sold (ex. Fidget Spinner).
  • SKU - This is the description sub-type of the item (ex. Blue with gold trim).
  • Goods Type - These are the regulation categories of a product (Not Regulated, ORM-D, Limited Quantity, Dangerous Goods).
  • Status - Setting this to Disabled will effectively delete the product.
  • Visibility - This will determine if the product is visible in the product listings or not.
  • Weight - This is used to determine packing methods and shipping rates later on in the process. For now choose a reasonable weight in pounds.

Products Grid

The products grid view shows all items whether they are available or not. You can use Mass-Actions to change their availability and you can use Filtering to display only specific SKUs of a product, or any other product descriptions.

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