Changing the Print and Scale Services' User

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Changing the Service's User

  1. Press the windows key and type "service" you should see

press enter or click on this icon.

  1. That will the Services window.  Look for the service "ShipStreamPrinter" and then double-click on that service.
  1. This opens the properties for the "ShipStreamPrinter" service.  click on the "Log On" tab.  You should see this:

Note:  If you don't know the full Account name and path please follow the "Getting the Local Windows User's Name" instructions.

  1. Switch the "Log on as:" to "This account" entering the User name and the Password.  It will look something like this:

Obviously the user name and password will be different from those shown.Click "Apply" after you fill in your account name and password.

  1. After clicking "Apply" an info message window will showing you this info:

Click the "OK" button on this info window.

  1. Since we clicked the "Apply" button the "ShipStreamPrinter Properties" widow is still open, and now we want to go the the "General" tab.  In the "General" tab click on "Stop", there will be a progress bar.  When "Stop" is done click on "Start", there will be another progress bar.
  1. You can now perform these same steps for the "ShipStreamScale" service.

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