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In order to create or modify warehouses, select System > Warehouses from the Navigation Menu.

Create a Warehouse

  1. From the Manage Warehouses page, click Add New Warehouse at the top right of the window.
  2. Input the Name, Warehouse Group and Status.
  3. Click Save Warehouse when finished.

Edit a Warehouse

  1. From the Warehouses page, click on the warehouse item in the Grid View.
  2. Make any changes to the Name, Group or Status. If a change is made to the Group name, check the box at the bottom that says “Rename existing warehouse group”.
  3. Click Save Warehouse when finished.

The Warehouses Grid

The Grid View at the Warehouses page allows you to filter and sort warehouses by ID, Name, and Status.

You can also export the list to .csv or .xml format which will save a file using your current filter or sort method.

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