Order Processing

​Packing Solutions

A "Packing Solution" represents a set of one or more specific containers that is presumed to be a valid solution to packing a set of items with known physical properties and restrictions. Put simply,…

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Order Allocation

Control how orders are allocated among multiple warehouses.

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Order Processing Loop

Order processing in ShipStream is an automatic process that happens in real-time, and is constantly working to optimize labor and shipping costs.

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Learn more about how ShipStream handles Backorders, Ready to Ship and Assigned vs Allocated inventory.

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Ready to Ship

Every Order in ShipStream has a Ready to Ship status which is either Yes, meaning the order is ready to be fulfilled for the customer or No, meaning it is not ready. When this status is Yes, a timest…

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"Unable to Process" Order status

"Unable to Process" Order status. In situations where an Order cannot be processed into Shipments, the order status will be changed to "Unable to Process" and an email notification sent if configured…

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Address Validation and Classification

ShipStream's address validation and classification system uses uses third-party systems to automatically detect invalid addresses, in some cases make corrections to invalid addresses and also determi…

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