Setting up Printer Resources for the Server

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Admin portal: http://web-address-provided:providedPrintersPortSimilar to the Scales, each connected client appears and you can click "Edit" to go to the edit page.  (Reference your original email for username and password.)

On the Edit page click "Add Printer" for each printer you wish to use.​

  • Resource — The resource name must follow the format listed below based on which type it is. These should be unique for each device, but the latter part does not have to be unique for each device type. E.g. "001" can be used for both LABEL:001 and LASER:001
    • For LABEL:001 barcode the resource would be label_001
    • For LASER:001 barcode the resource would be laser_001
    • For SMLABEL:001 barcode the resource would be smalllabel_001
  • Printer - Select the printer from the list.
    • Note, if you disconnect a printer and reconnect it and Windows gives the printer a new name (like "ZDesigner GK420d (Copy)") then you will need to make sure the right driver is selected here.
  •  Additional Args (JSON format)
    • This is almost never needed, but you can pass additional options like -landscape to force landscape printing, or -mono to force monochrome printing. Just let us know if you have issues with things not printing correctly.

The "Test" feature will send a test PDF to the printer. I think it only works for label and laser (not smalllabel).

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