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Installing the Printer and Scale Client

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This article is not relevant to users of ShipStream 2022.2 or newer. Please see the Device Hub Overview.

When you sign up for ShipStream link to download an installer for "ShipStream Client" will be provided to you. This program installs like a typical Windows program and connects the printers and scales on the machine it is installed on to the central ShipStream server so that these devices may become seamlessly integrated with your operations.

If you lose your link to the installer just email


The installation is very straightforward, just open the installer and follow the installation wizard.

The installer is not currently signed so you will get a warning that it may be unsafe to install. Please click "Continue Anyway" to continue.​

The installer will install two Windows services that run in the background: ShipStreamPrinter and ShipStreamScale. They will both connect to the central servers where you can manage the resources. If the internet connection is lost, these services will continue attempting to reconnect periodically until the connection is made again.

See Hardware Support for information on supported printers and scales.

Adding Printers and Scales

See Printer Setup and Scale Setup

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